Phenom 300

Interior Cabin Design

  1. Baggage compartment
  2. Lavatory
  3. Interior highlights
  4. Galley
  5. Cockpit

Baggage compartment

Phenom 300 light executive jet baggage compartment

Largest baggage capacity in class - 84 ft³

  • 66 ft³ aft baggage compartment - best in class
  • Easy access
  • Optional aft baggage compartment heating
Learn more about the baggage compartment


Phenom 300 light private aircraft lavatory

Fully enclosed lavatory with rigid door for enhanced privacy

  • A fully enclosed externally serviced chemical lavatory is standard in Phenom 300
  • Natural light comes from two large windows, unique in its class
  • The lavatory has standard storage space
  • Belted toilet certified for takeoff and landing
  • Lavatory sink can replace the lavatory storage

Some features are optional

Interior design highlights

Phenom 300 light private aircraft interior highlights

Intelligent design

  • BMW DesignworksUSA Design
  • Largest baggage compartment in its class
  • Largest windows in its class
  • Unique among light jets: windows in the lav
  • Best pressurization in class (6,600 ft max)
  • Comfortable leather seats with recline capability
  • Full movement capability for all seats to improve comfort levels
  • Cabin temperature controlled by VIP seat
  • Standard lavatory pocket door
  Furniture details Cabin finish options


Phenom 300 light business jet galley

Comfort and practicality

  • Ice drawer
  • Space for miniature bottles
  • Space for wine bottles
  • Trash compartment
  • Provisions for optional hot jug
Cabin configurations


Phenom 300 light corporate aircraft cockpitcockpit

Cockpit Equipment - Prodigy® Flight Deck

  • Single-pilot operation
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Glass cockpit with large displays
  • State-of-the-art avionics
  • Flight deck image shown - optional Prodigy® Touch Flight Deck

Experience the Phenom 300: Virtual Tour

  • Innovation
    The Phenom 300 redefines the light jet segment. With the Prodigy® Flight Deck 300, our engineers have created the most highly intuitive and professional cockpit available among light jets. This jet really is a single pilot’s dream.

  • Comfort
    Every inch of the Phenom 300 has been intelligently designed, and it’s not just the cabin that offers unprecedented space. The cockpit has been designed with a
    human factors philosophy and this jet has the largest galley, baggage capacity and windows in its class.

  • Ergonomics
    Compromise was never an option when we designed the Phenom 300. From the movement capability of the comfortable leather seats to extensive in-flight entertainment and connectivity within easy reach, this jet is as close to perfection as possible.

  • Performance
    With best-in-class performance, the Phenom 300 can take-off from challenging airports at high elevations and hot temperatures. With excellent fuel consumption, low operating costs and a redefined aerodynamic design, this jet won’t let you down.

Cabin selections

Internal Configurations

You can choose how to arrange the seats and furniture inside the jet:

  • Standard: 8 occupants
  • Option 1: Up to 11 occupants with optional items such as the belted toilet and the 2-place divan 
  • Option 2: Up to 10 occupants with optional items such as the 7th seat and the belted toilet

The number of occupants noted above includes cockpit
Standard Phenom 300 light executive aircraft standard floorplan 
Example1 Phenom 300 light executive jet optional floorplan 
Option2 Phenom 300 light business aircraft optional floorplan 

New Phenom 300 configurator app

A tool to configure the Phenom 300, selecting interior materials and exterior paint schemes and colors.

Oval Lite® Cross Section

  • The Oval Lite® cross-section cabin is a result of Embraer and BMW DesignworksUSA
    commitment to ergonomics and comfort
  • Offers more head and leg room

Phenom 300 light business jet cabin cross section
Internal finishing options

  • Multiple types of cabinet finish:
    • Wood veneer
    • Laminates
  • Flooring:
    • Generous selection of carpets
    • Wood flooring
  • Several ultra-leather options for the upper side wall
  • Various leather colors for seats, upper side ledge and lower side wall
  • Pleated window shades
  • Mix and match to tailor to your taste
ardPhenom 300 light executive jet interior finishes

Entrance door and airstair

Phenom 300 light private jets entranace door
  • Largest cabin door
  • Unique airstair
  • Standard handrail
  • Optional step lights and telescopic tubes

Largest windows in the light jets category

Phenom 300 light private jets windows
  • Phenom 300 window area ≈ 1.33 ft2
  • Windows well positioned to provide natural light for passengers

Baggage compartments & capacity

  • Largest baggage capacity in class - 84 ft³
How much luggage can I bring?
Phenom 300 light corporate aircraft baggage compartments  

External design and dimensions

Phenom 300 light executive jet external dimentions  
Phenom 300 light private aircraft external dimensions  
Phenom 300 light business aircraft external dimensions