FleetLogic by Embraer

The Flight Departments of Tomorrow are Those Optimized for Maximum Value Today

No one knows better than the people who run them, a modern flight department is integral in today’s corporate world.

However, faced with ever-increasing, shared- transportation options and the enduring demand for financial return, corporate flight departments are compelled to maximize ROI of aircraft and the efficiency of operations while reducing risks and enhancing safety.

It’s a daunting task.

But in this challenge lies immense opportunity for the savviest. A well-tuned corporate flight department can prove more cost-efficient, more justifiable to other corporate functions, and more useful within the total organization.

Building on a history of success with complex aircraft operations, Embraer has developed the industry’s first, fully comprehensive, analytics-based fleet optimization solution for corporate flight departments – FleetLogic by Embraer. With our history of innovation and industry-leading product portfolio – including four clean-sheet designs – there is no OEM more qualified to show you the way

Our optimization team, along with your consultants, will work with you to help you succeed.

We’ll assist your department to delve deep into the data and gain the holistic picture of your operations. Engineers, maintenance specialists, instructor pilots and our #1-ranked product support team – all focused on providing you a superior customer experience – will be your partners to assess all aspects of your operation.

We’ll help evaluate your fleet and routes, your equipment, your use of technology, your operations. We’ll draw from leading technology and products to create high-value fleet solutions. Solutions that are not only financially responsible, but also reliable.

The stakes are high. But the potential is immense. If you want to build the flight department of the future, you owe it to yourself to look further into this program.

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