Service Solutions


Service Solutions

Embraer Executive Jets Service Solutions

The responsibility of business jet ownership goes far beyond the simple purchase of an aircraft. To be the owner or operator of an Embraer executive jet is a commitment to maintain the highest standards in business aviation.

We understand this commitment and have developed a comprehensive package of service solutions that provide you the peace of mind that every single Embraer executive jet is supported by a team of experts and state-of-the-art technologies to ease your workload and ensure your aircraft are available for every mission.

EEC: Embraer Executive Care

EEC: Embraer Executive Care

Embraer Executive Care (EEC) is a comprehensive airframe maintenance program carefully designed to make budgeting and maintenance of your Embraer executive jet simple and predictable. 

Embraer Executive Care provides maintenance support over a set period for a fixed hourly fee, allowing you to eliminate maintenance costs variations, cap your maintenance costs, pay for only what you fly and enhance the residual value of your aircraft.

The best protection
you can have for your executive jet.

Embraer Executive Care complements airframe warranty

  • Exterior Painting and Cabin Parts
  • Vendor Parts Defects
    • (Warranty 36 MO or 1000 FH) 
    • Removal and installation labor
    • Parts Repair

  • Embraer Parts Defects
    • (Warranty 36 MO or 1,500 FH)
    • Removal and installation labor
    • Parts Repair
  • EEC Enhanced Coverage
    • Scheduled and unscheduled labor
    • Scheduled and unscheduled parts
    • Parts exchange and repair
    • Bulk consumables
    • Parts freight
    • Normal wear parts (tires, brakes & batteries)
    • Mobile recovery service (travel expenses)
1 2 3 4 5
EEC Enhanced Level

Illustrative example for the Phenom 100.

Airframe System (including APU, Avionics) checked checked checked
Exchange, Repaired & New Parts checked checked checked
checked checked checked
Normal Wear (Tires, Brakes & Batteries)
checked checked checked
Cabin Systems checked checked checked
Optional Equipment
checked checked checked
Freight checked checked checked
Labor for Heavy Scheduled Maintenance
checked checked
Labor for all Scheduled Maintenance  
Labor for Unscheduled Maintenance & Troubleshooting     checked
Bulk Consumables     checked
Mobile Recovery Service     checked
Lineage 1000E
checked checked checked
Legacy 650E
checked checked checked
Legacy 450 & Legacy 500
Phenom 100 & Phenom 300

Maintenance tracking & planning system for the Phenom 300/100 is subject to a separate fee

Engine Programs

Engine Manufacturer Program Contact
Lineage 1000E GE Aviation
Legacy 650E
Legacy 450 & Legacy 500
Honeywell MSP*
Phenom 100 & Phenom 300
Pratt & Whitney Canada
*APU coverage is also available through direct contact with Honeywell.

EEC Engine Add-On

The new Embraer Executive Care (EEC) Engine Add-On option will offer a nose-to-tail maintenance solution for the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 aircraft, complementing the EEC and the Eagle ServiceTM Plan (ESP®) programs.

The new option covers scheduled line maintenance, which is currently not available on the engine maintenance plans.  This optional plan covers labor, shipping charges as well as expendable and consumable parts such as filters and o-rings associated with these tasks.  It also includes one desalination wash per engine per year during a scheduled aircraft maintenance visit.

Get more details on the new EEC Engine Add-On option by contacting the regional EEC sales representative. Please see "Contacts" tab below for contact information.

Embraer Executive Jets Distribution Centers and Parts

Embraer Executive Jets Distribution Centers and Parts
Embraer Executive Jets is embarked on a major redesign of our global support network to improve our global spare parts and logistics distribution model.

Under this program, we are creating a central spare parts hub in the U.S. and opening regional distribution centers in Belgium, Brazil, China, Singapore and the UAE. We have already started this transition with the opening of a new Spare Parts Distribution Center in Brussels, Belgium to support customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and by the end of the year will have opened the new Central Hub to support customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Caribbean and the Singapore Regional Distribution Center for the Asia Pacific market.


When this program is completed in the first half of 2016, customers will have increased access to spare parts, guaranteed next day delivery and improved end-to-end logistical support from our customer service team.

Our Customer Support Contact Center is on call (24/7) to address all AOG and parts-related issues.

Embraer Executive Jets Material Services

Embraer Parts Exchange Program (EPEP)

The Embraer Parts Exchange Program provides you access to repairable components to minimize the downtime of your aircraft during maintenance. The program, which is designed for parts out of warranty or outside the Embraer Executive Care program, allows you to exchange a damaged, but serviceable, part for a functional part.

Spare Parts Sales

Spare parts sales provide you with personal, convenient, straightforward and timely parts support. We take care of everything, from spare parts ordering to management of core returns. Any item listed in the aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog can be purchased through our “parts web tools” or through our 24-hour Customer Support Contact Center.


Rental is designed to temporarily replace valuable items—such as auxiliary power units, landing gear and flight controls—while your original part is under repair. The rental program covers unit availability, freight to and from your preferred service center, handling and recertification.

Freight Services

Our service centers are happy to discuss expedited shipment beyond those included in Embraer Executive Care and the Embraer Parts Exchange Program.

Embraer Executive Care (EEC)

Embraer Executive Care is Embraer’s comprehensive maintenance service and support program, carefully designed to make maintenance costs on your Embraer Executive Jet simple with regular and predictable monthly payments.

On Site Stocks (OSS)

On-site Stocks are regular inventories of repairable/rotable spare parts located at Embraer’s owned and authorized service centers. These in-stock parts are available to minimize your downtime during maintenance.

Embraer Executive Jets Distribution Chain

Embraer Executive Jets Distribution Chain
Performance Software

Performance software

Embraer Executive Jets offers integrated performance software tools for efficient aircraft performance calculations for takeoff, landing and other flight parameters as well as weight and balance analysis and fuel estimates. Our performance software features a user-friendly interface for easy data entry. An archive of the last year’s performance software revisions is available at our customer web portal

  • Embraer Executive Jets Easy Dispatch SoftwareEasy Dispatch Software

    Available for: Legacy 650E, Phenom 300, Phenom 100
    Easy Dispatch Software is a flight operation tool that quickly analyzes for weight and balance, runway performance and flight planning. This service enhances the functionalities offered by the Runway Analysis and Weight and Balance software and provides pilots flexibility and convenience to run essential analyses using either laptop computers or electronic flight bags.

  • Embraer Executive Jets EPOP Software Embraer Portable Operational Package (EPOP)

    Available for: Lineage 1000E
    The Embraer Portable Operational Package is a way of reducing paper in the cockpit. Designed to be used as an electronic flight bag tool, the Embraer Portable Operational Package is also a computer-based software that can be customized for your particular aircraft. This software offers a number of applications where you can customize your needs, including optimized takeoff and landing calculations, weight and balance, and flight operations publications to help achieve a paperless cockpit.

  • Embraer Executive Jets In-flight Software In-flight software

    Available for: Lineage 1000E, Legacy 650E, Phenom 300, Phenom 100
    The In-flight Software tool quickly generates performance data to optimize your flight planning. The tool can analyze combinations of flight parameters—including speed schedules, configurations, temperature and altitudes—during climb, cruise, descent or holding.

  • Embraer Executive Jets iPreFlight iPreFlight

    Available for: Lineage 1000E, Legacy 650E, Legacy 500, Phenom 300, Phenom 100
    Using the iPreFlight app for the iPad, operators may complete critical pre-flight functions, including optimizing aircraft payload, calculating takeoff and accessing Notice to Airmen and Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Reports for all airports on the flight route. The app includes maps and charts, can download and store approach charts and airport diagrams, and provides weather updates.

  • Embraer Executive Jets Runway AnalysisRunway Analysis

    Available for Lineage 1000E
    The Runway Analysis tool calculates the maximum takeoff weight available by considering obstacles, ambient conditions and available runway distances. This analysis is printable in customizable formats that include useful takeoff information such as V speeds, corrections for QNH and anti-ice data. Similar analysis can be performed for landing.

  • Embraer Executive Jets CAP Module Takeoff & Landing Standard Computerized Airplane Performance (SCAP) Module Takeoff and Landing

    Available for Lineage 1000E, Legacy 650E, Legacy 500, Phenom 300, Phenom 100
    Standard Computerized Airplane Performance is a module available to supplement raw data used by the Runway Analysis software to allow you or a third party provider to develop a custom interface.

  • Embraer Executive Jets Weight and Balance Weight and Balance

    Available for Lineage 1000E
    This software quickly performs preflight weight and balance calculations and completes an IATA-format load manifest for distribution and record-keeping. The software also stores and uses default data for user-defined weights—including catering and frequent passengers—and monitors baggage, cargo, fuel and passenger weight inputs to alert you when weight or center of gravity limits are exceeded.

Embraer Executive Jets - CAMP Maintenance Tracking

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum

RVSM services now available at the Service Centers in Brazil

Embraer Service Center in Brazil is now offering the RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) monitoring flight service. RVSM is defined as the reduction of vertical space between aircraft from 2,000 feet to 1,000 feet at flight levels from 29,000 feet up to 41,000 feet.

RVSM was implemented as a means to increase airspace capacity and access to more fuel-efficient flight levels. Monitoring supports the safety assessment and oversight function that is required with RVSM implementation.

RVSM Install
Embraer Executive Jets - Camp Maintenance Tracking

The RVSM’s main benefits are:

  • Operators gain fuel savings and operating efficiency
  • Traffic flows can be more flexible

This monitoring flight service can be scheduled with the aircraft’s maintenance. Embraer is also offering this service in the aircraft operation base.

To learn more about Embraer’s RVSM monitoring flight service, please contact
Bruno Vilarinho:
+55 15 2101-5009 / 15 98201-1661

Alexandre Aparecido
+55 12 3927-6124 / 12 98131-0287

Maintenance Tracking
Embraer Executive Jets - CAMP Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance Tracking

The Maintenance Tracking service provides Embraer Executive Jets’ customers online access to their aircraft maintenance plan. This service, which is managed by CAMP Systems, also allows you to update your operational information and schedule your maintenance to fully suit your needs.

Learn more about CAMP Systems, Embraer’s preferred maintenance tracking service provider or visit

Embraer Executive Jets - Camp Maintenance Tracking

CAMP offers:

  • Online access to maintenance data
  • An updated aircraft database to monitor your maintenance requirements
  • Assistance and training for customers
Health Monitoring

Aircraft Health and Advanced Diagnosis (AHEAD) Integrated Solution

Embraer Executive Jets Aicraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis


Embraer Executive Jets’ latest Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis (AHEAD) system was developed in parallel with the all-new, clean-sheet Legacy 500 and Legacy 450 programs to ensure that customer support was a core element of each design and to guarantee that customer support engagement in unscheduled events is agile, comprehensive and effective.

AHEAD, which was first developed for our revolutionary Phenom 100/100E and Phenom 300 jets, increases each aircraft’s productivity through a secure Wi-Fi or 3G cellular connection to Embraer’s 24-hour support network prior to takeoff and immediately on landing. With this data, AHEAD is able to monitor the aircraft’s flight hours, fuel usage and maintenance history, collate trip reports and track your GPS position.

Phenom 300 and Phenom 100 owners already benefitting from the previous AHEAD architecture can migrate to the updated system.

Embraer Executive Jets Aicraft Health and Advanced Diagnosis - integrated solution  

Embraer Executive Jets Aicraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis benefits  

Embraer Executive Jets designed AHEAD to reduce the time it takes to return an aircraft to service by deducing an event’s most probable cause through effective troubleshooting and direct links to technical publications. AHEAD also notifies Embraer Executive Jets’ customer support team when a problem occurs and provides the most up-to-date information to your own maintenance crews.

To ensure total support for its customers, Embraer has teamed its AHEAD solution with Rockwell Collins’ Aircraft Information Manager (AIM), a system that provides essential logistics data.

AIM automatically provides the aircraft’s avionics all available database updates necessary for a safe, efficient flight, including all critical update cycles, and like AHEAD is available anywhere in the world. With AIM, the aircraft is provided the most up-to-date electronic charts and the latest data is available to the flight management, integrated flight information, synthetic vision and terrain avoidance and warning systems.

AHEAD will be available for the Legacy 450 when Embraer Executive Jets’ new, best-in-class mid-light jet enters service in the fourth quarter of 2015.

How do I get AHEAD?

For more detailed information please contact FlyEmbraer Support: Phone: +55 12 3927 2337

Embraer Executive Jets Phenom 100/Phenom 300  
Technical Publications

Technical Publications

You can access the most up-to-date manuals through our FlyEmbraer web portal and our new eTechPubs mobile app, which provides an enhanced retrieval system and a paperless solution that updates content automatically.

Flight Operations Publications are a complete set of technical publications used by pilots and flight attendants that can be tailored for specific operators. They are available in digital or paper format.

An annual subscription to the Flight Operations Publications provides you:

  • The complete set of hardcopy operational manuals for our Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 500, Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E jets
  • Online access to operational manuals for our Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 500, Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E jets
  • Access to hard copy revisions to the operational manuals for our Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 500, Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E jets
  • Optimized Performance Analyzer, or OPERA, software updates for our Phenom 100, Phenom 300 and Legacy 500 jets
  • Updates for the Embraer Takeoff Analysis Software for Legacy 650E
  • Updates for Lineage 1000E computerized airplane flight manual software
Embraer Executive Jets Flight Operations Publications  

Embraer Executive Jets Technical Publications 

For more information, please contact FlyEmbraer Support: Our Maintenance Technical Publications are a complete set of online technical manuals that are integrated with our engineering database, enabling operators to maintain and repair aircraft safely and efficiently. The manuals are customized for each operator.

An annual subscription to the Maintenance Technical Publications provides you:

  • Updates via our FlyEmbraer web portal and software backup for Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 jets
  • Updates via our FlyEmbraer web portal and monthly DVD Maintenance Manuals Media Revisions for Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E jets

For more information, please contact FlyEmbraer Support: