Embraer Executive Jets ranked the Best in Customer Satisfaction


In 2017, Embraer has, once again, earned the highest scores in AIN's product support surveys. Here are just a few reasons why our customer service attained the top spot in business aviation support.

  • Embraer's deep commerical and military aviation heritage. Drawing on our far-reaching experience, we deliver high-utilization business jets with premium comfort, enviable reliability and outstanding performance.
  • Best-in-class global service network of over 70 owned and authorized service centers. In addition, for five straight years, Embraer's owned service centers have earned the FAA AMT Diamond Award recognizing the best-trained technicians in the industry.
  • Most-technologically advanced aircraft in the world. The revolutionary Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 are the only aircraft in their respective classes featuring innovative full fly-by-wire technology and the Phenom 300 has been the world's best-selling business jet for four years in a row.

How else do we deliver unsurpassed customer experience?

We go above and beyond. In everything we do.

Drawing on our aviation passion and heritage, we launched Embraer Executive Jets just over a decade ago. During our young history in business aviation, we have boldly redefined the industry, developing and launching four clean-sheet purpose-built aircraft in just 10 years. No other OEM has ever accomplished this.

We also incorporated our passion for innovation and challenging the status quo into our customer support philosophy. When you buy an Embraer aircraft, you become part of the Embraer family. And we will always go above and beyond to make sure you receive an unsurpassed experience from our Embraer team. Below are a few other reasons why Embraer delivers the best customer support in the industry. But beyond those tangible reasons, it is the gratitude, passion, and pride we have in serving you that makes a huge difference in your experience with our aircraft, our support and our Embraer family.


We are worldwide. For your convenience

While laying out our bold plans for business aviation, building a robust worldwide Service Center Network was one of our top priorities. We were determined to build the world's most innovative aircraft, supported by one of the finest Service Center Networks. Fast forward to just over a decade later, and our worldwide customers are served by highly trained and dedicated teams at over 70 owned and authorized service centers in over 60 countries.


We are always accessible. For your peace of mind.

Our Field Service Representatives are strategically located throughout the world and they are only a call away. They are your trusted adviser, your advocate, your supporter. And they always have your back.

Our Contact Center is open 24/7. Embraer's well-trained and dedicated team responds to your needs, any time of the day, no matter where you are.


We listen to you. To best meet your needs.


We encourage you to always provide us feedback about your experience with our team and aircraft. We will listen. And make adjustments. We continually strive to improve the services we provide to you, from launching new parts distribution hubs, distribution centers and spare parts storage locations to developing aircraft enhancements and fine-tuning our customer support services.


Constant improvements, commitment, and hard work are paying off for our customers. As our customer, you will be receiving support from one of the best-ranked Contact Centers for AOG response. Embraer's Contact Center has been top-rated in industry surveys in AOG response for the past four years.

Our drive to rethink convention is our commitment to you.

And this approach has helped us achieve new industry levels in product support in 2017.

    Explore Embraer's class-leading jets. For your mission.

    Join our Embraer family. And rest assured: our team will be there, day and night, to support you and your team on your journey to reaching your personal and business aspirations.

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    What our customers say

    The maintenance is extremely simple, reliable.

    - Antonio Cesar, Pilot, Phenom 300

    The maintenance and customer service that you provide is 10/10.

    - Michael Rumpf, Phenom 300 Pilot

    I think your teams have been incredibly responsive to ensure that we get our airplanes up and flying for our customers.

    - Michael Silvestro, CEO, Flexjet

    The product itself stands by itself, but the support, I think it’s unmatched.

    - Stephen Levesque, Managing Director, AC Aviation

    They just treat us like family, literally like family.

    - Bill Midon, Owner/Operator, Phenom 100

    The contact center has been phenomenal.

    - Gary Sides, Chief Pilot, Phenom 300

    Whenever you have an issue to be resolved, support is very fast.

    - Rogerio Andrade, CEO, Avantto,
    Phenom 100/300 Operator

    I could choose many words to describe your products, but just one comes to my mind – phenomenal.

    - Paulo Fernandez, Aircraft Maintenance Manager, NetJets

    I like the fact that Embraer is just constantly improving that airplane, and they do a phenomenal job of keeping parts in stock.

    - Wayne Gorsek, Phenom 300 Owner/Operator

    I just loved the way it looked, I loved that it was a clean-sheet design.

    - Mark Holt, Phenom 100 Owner/Operator

    It’s such a lovely aircraft, and very good dispatch reliability as well.

    - Derek Thomson, Managing Director, Air Charter Scotland, Legacy 650 Operator

    All the employees seem to be very passionate about the company, the aircraft and the material.

    - Randy Coleman, Director of Maintenance, Challenger Management

    The Phenom stood out. It’s a plane that really incorporates all the latest aeronautical and digital avionics as well as the most sophisticated power plans.

    - Brad Amoils, Phenom 100 Owner/Operator