Legacy 650E

Embraer and FlightSafety International, a worldwide recognized provider of training solutions for the aviation industry, have established, maintained and improved the highest standard of training for the Legacy 650E operators.

Legacy 650 large executive jet

Pilot training

Legacy 650E training incorporates the most up-to-date information and takes place on FAA/EASA/ANAC approved, type-specific equipment. This outstanding training exceeds standards set by government entities, requested by insurers and previously practiced in private aviation. Available training includes:

  • In-depth instructions
  • Pilot ground school
  • Full flight simulators

Additional pilot learning opportunities include:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • International Procedures
  • Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (DRVSM)
  • PR-NAV (Precision Area Navigation)

Technical and maintenance training

In-depth training at FlightSafety International’s Houston and Paris Learning Centers helps airframe and power plant technicians develop and refine their Legacy-specific knowledge and skills. This training incorporates many of the same tools and resources used in the field. Classes may be arranged at any certified FlightSafety International’s Learning Center or operator's hangar. Topics include:

  • Integrated avionics
  • Communications
  • Fuel and hydraulics
  • Lighting and environmental controls
  • Electrical, navigation and auto flight systems
Flight attendant training

Flight attendant training is available in Atlanta and Paris. The initial training module includes:

  • Corporate Aviation Familiarization
  • General Emergency Training
  • Aircraft Ground Training and HAZMAT (hazardous materials) Recognition
  • Evacuation principles 
  • Decompression and high-altitude physiology
  • Firefighting and water landing drills
  • Crew resource management and security 

  • Recurrent module is an interactive, scenario-based overview of the initial curriculum.

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