Lineage 1000E

Embraer and FlightSafety International, a worldwide recognized provider of training solutions for the aviation industry, have established the highest training standards for the Lineage 1000E operators.

Lineage 1000 ultra large executive aircraft

Pilot training

Lineage 1000E Pilot Ground School and Full Flight Simulator training are offered at select FlightSafety International training facilities. The initial course consists of Systems, Performance, Ground Servicing, ETOPS (if applicable) and Simulator training. This training program is similar to the E-JETS (Level A) program, which has been refined and matured  through the training of thousands of E-JETS pilots worldwide. FlightSafety International also offers recurrent courses.

Other pilot training programs include:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • International Procedures
  • Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (DRVSM)
  • PR-NAV (Precision Area Navigation)

Technical and maintenance training

Through its Maintenance Training Organization, an EASA/CAAC/CASA Part 147 provider of training solutions, Embraer Executive Jets offers extensive courses for maintenance technicians at either Embraer facilities or, if preferred, at the customer hangar:

  • General familiarization
  • Practical training
  • Ramp and transit
  • Engine run-up and taxi techniques 
  • Line and Base mechanics
  • Line and Base avionics
  • Combined Line and Base mechanics and avionics

Flight attendant training

Training program customized according to the cabin configuration and equipment of each operator. The flight attendant course for Lineage 1000E is available through FlightSafety International in Atlanta and Paris

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