Phenom 100 / Phenom 300

A groundbreaking training approach

Embraer CAE Training Services (ECTS) has gone to unprecedented lengths to develop its Phenom 100 and
Phenom 300 pilot and ground crew training. We exceed standards set by government authorities and requested by insurers. In addition, we have adopted many training measures which are now an important part of safety for private aviation even though they are not mandated or required by outside entities.

Phenom 100 entry level private aircraft

Learning online

ECTS provides state-of-the-art, computer-based training tools followed by thorough testing. Online training is recommended for certain preliminary and review phases, not only for convenience, but also for learning retention.

In the classroom

Classroom sites are chosen based on the technology and learning environment available at those locations. In addition, we consider the classrooms' convenient location to local accommodations and transportation.

Full Flight Simulator

Full Flight Simulator (FFS) training introduces the pilot to the aircraft, its intuitive interface and its responsive handling.

Pilot training

Embraer pilot training has been carefully developed to maximize safety. The program features the following pilot training modules:

  • Flight Skills Assessment
  • Pre-Training Study Package
  • Ground School
  • Simulator Training
  • Type Rating Initial and/or Recurrent
  • Type Rating Check Ride

Technical and maintenance training

ECTS applies a multi-phase learning approach to the technical and maintenance trainings programs. This approach allows for a more integrated real-world learning experience. This integrated approach includes self-paced online learning and review, instructor-led classroom courses, and hands-on simulator training. This comprehensive training includes the following steps:

  • Familiarization training
  • Maintenance - initial 
  • Avionics maintenance training
  • Update/refresher
  • Engine run proficiency - initial training
  • Engine run proficiency - update/refresher

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