Legacy 450

Interior Cabin Design

  1. Baggage compartment
  2. Lavatory
  3. Interior highlights
  4. Cockpit

Baggage compartment

Legacy 450 Baggage Capacity

The largest baggage compartment in its class

  Internal storage
  • Total - 40 ft³ (1.13 m³)
  • Pressurized and heated
  • Inflight accessible baggage compartment - 35 ft³ (0.99)
  • Cabin stowage space - 5 ft³ (0.14)
Main baggage compartment
  • 110 ft³ (3.11 m³)
  • Externally accessible
  • Heated (optional)

Learn more about the baggage compartment


Legacy 450 Aircraft Lavatory

Spacious and modern

  • Cabin window for natural lighting
  • Vacuum system standard
  • Belted toilet optional
  • Lavatory externally serviced: more convenience and faster turn-around time
  • Vanity with sink - hot and cold water
  • Inflight access to the internal stowage compartment

Interior highlights

Legacy 450 Interior Design

Best cabin volume in its class

  • Stand-up cabin with flat floor
  • Honeywell Ovation Select® Cabin Management System
  • Largest cabin volume in its class
  • Best pressurization in class
  • Center club seating fully berthable
  • Optional wet or dry galley
  • Vacuum toilet standard
  • Several international awards
Cabin finish options


Legacy 450 Advanced Cockpit Technology

State-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion™

  • Superior capabilities and functionalities
  • Full fly-by-wire flight controls unique in its class
  • Paperless operations capable
  • Dark and quiet philosophy
  • Large displays and cleaner cockpit design with sidesticks
  • Software easily upgraded for future requirements, including CNS/ATM
  • Optional Embraer® Enhanced Vision System (E2VS), including Head-Up Display (HUD)

    Some features are optional

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  • Innovation
    The Legacy 450 is the first jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology. An innovative side-stick control and synthetic vision system also ensures pilots and passengers won’t find a smoother flight.

  • Comfort
    The Legacy 450 defies every definition of a mid-light jet. It has the largest cabin in its class and is the first to market with a 6 ft. tall cabin and flat floor, not to mention two fully berthable club seat options that recline flat to create beds.

  • Ergonomics
    This jet is a flawless union of technology and design. The very latest in user-friendly features complement the Legacy 450’s stylish and comfortable interior perfectly. Optimally placed windows and ergonomic seating are only the start.

  • Performance
    With a high speed cruise of Mach 0.82, the Legacy 450 is the fastest mid-light jet in the air. It’s also capable of taking-off and landing on shorter runways, giving you more access to more airports around the world.

Cabin selections

Internal Configurations

Cabin configuration

You can choose how to tailor your cabin:

  • Standard: 7 passengers
  • Optional: Up to 9 passengers including optional items, such as forward 2-place divan, belted toilet and forward side facing seat. Wet or dry galley.

Not all options shown may be available at type certificate.
Standard Legacy 450 Standard Cabin Layout & Design
Optional Legacy 450 Optional Jet Cabin Design
  • n
  • Optional Belted toilet seat
  • Optional hot or cold galley
  • Optional Side Facing Seat and FWD Facing Observer Seat, certifiable for 1 passenger for taxi, take-off and landing (can not be installed together with the divan)
Cross Section
  • The only full, stand-up cabin with flat floor in its class
  • Largest cross-section in its class
Legacy 450 Interior Design
Internal Finishing Options

Cabin finish options

With its ergonomic design for enhanced comfort, the Legacy 450 lets you experience a new definition of luxury and a feeling of freedom.

  • Exceptional interior finishing with areas of customized personalization
  • The modern interior design incorporates simplicity, transparency, light, and serenity to convey a feeling of sensual elegance.
  • Innovative interior finish materials create unique solutions for our customers, such as stone flooring in wet areas and stone countertops. 
Legacy 450 Midlight Corporate Jet

Seat berthing

Legacy 450 Seat Berthing
  • The cabin seats swivel, offer lateral, forward/aft movement. Two center club seats fully berth.
  • Foldable tables open flush with side ledge, increasing table surface area
  • Seats are available with optional lumbar adjustment, heating, massage, leg rest and flexibile wing
    Learn more about seat berthing


    Legacy 450 Large Window Design
    • Every window is optimally located to match a seating position

    Baggage compartments

    Internal storage

    • Volume 40 ft³ (1.13 m³)
    • Pressurized and heated
    • Inflight accessible 
    • Full height

    Main baggage compartment

    • Volume 110 ft³ (3.11 m³)
    • Externally accessible 
    • Heated (optional)
    How much luggage can I bring? Legacy 450 Corporate Jet Baggage Capacity 

    External design and dimensions

    Legacy 450 Exterior Design  
    Legacy 450 Midlight Business Jet Exterior  
    Legacy 450 Corporate Jet Exteriors  
    ​​​​​​​​Some features may be available only after Type Certification.