Stéphane Ledermann, Founder & President, Smart Air

Legacy 450: Wow, what an aircraft!

"Smart Air has been operating the first Legacy 450 in Europe for many months. We receive very positive feedback from customers using the aircraft as a charter. They are extremely pleased with the comfort.

My favorite elements are the quietness in the cabin, craftsmanship quality, the astonishing cockpit from a quality and technology standpoint, the fly-by-wire as a true added value in terms of comfort and safety. Pilots enjoy flying this aircraft. These are remarkable features that are not present in other similarly priced aircraft.

I now realize that my customer experience with Embraer is far better than what I experienced with other OEMs because we remain customers even after the aircraft delivery. The teams are very invested in customer satisfaction. They have a true willingness in accompanying the customer and ensuring his satisfaction throughout the aircraft operation.

The capability of the aircraft to land in Saint-Tropez/La Môle is an important time saver. The landing is done in very safe conditions. The technical data after certification were far better than preliminary data. Those are good surprises when we take the risk of being the first customer on an aircraft not yet certified without any validated performance. It is very nice, as a consultant company, to be able to go back to our customer and say that the choice we recommended is by far exceeding the reality that existed when the decision was made. "Stéphane Ledermann, Founder & President, Smart Air

The revolutionary Legacy 450 truly transcends previous perceptions of mid-light capabilities. A remarkable union of technology and design, this aircraft flies faster and farther than any other jets in its class. The Legacy 450 delivers an enviable performance, including capability of taking off and landing on shorter runways. This is the only jet in its category with full fly by- wire technology, and the advanced Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion™ platform puts pilots in complete control in a cockpit environment with superior ergonomics and space. Up to nine passengers enjoy the smooth flight experience in the largest-in-class stand-up cabin with unmatched luxury, comfort and style. The jet’s ultra-quiet environment is perfect for working or relaxing. Welcome to the Legacy 450 - a new-generation aircraft that is a true reflection of the heights that can be reached when your mission is to rethink and redefine what’s possible.