Legacy 500

His or hers, comfort is human

Comfort is human, and so are the factors that dictate the design of personal space and comfort


Comfort begins with space

Delivering a superior experience begins with space.

Since our first executive jet, we have intentionally designed each aircraft to have spacious, liberating cabins, and to be recognized as the most generous in each category.

The freedom of movement enabled by private travel is also a priority inside the aircraft.

Your space. Your style

Space is personal.

And so is your taste in colors, finishes, textures, and amenities.

The experience of space in the Legacy 500 is translated into individual comfort when you personalize each detail to your style.


Your design. Your experience

The world’s finest products are typically appreciated for their exquisite craftsmanship.

The final aesthetic is pleasing to the eye and to the touch, delighting the senses with multiple layers of detail.

Afterall, this is your journey.

Your journey. Your reward

While ergonomics are the foundation of comfort, and craftsmanship defines elegance, innovation drives our quest for your ultimate experience. 

Discover how you can personalize your Legacy 500 for your journey.


​​​Some features may be available only after Type Certification.