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Embraer's Legacy 500:

The Midsize Corporate Jet that’s Changing Business Aviation

  • The only midsize jet with digital flight controls (fly-by-wire)​​
  • Remarkable performance
  • Unmatched passenger room and comfort
Legacy 500 Corporate Jet

Designed from the ground up as a game-changing, midsize business jet, the Legacy 500 isn’t compromised by old and outdated concepts. Based on extensive customer input, the Legacy 500 incorporates innovative solutions for performance and comfort with the latest technologies from flight deck to passenger cabin.

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A flight deck of the future

The Legacy 500’s futuristic flight deck features a remarkable design, focused on ergonomics and pilot comfort. The cockpit is clean, and the sidesticks allow for a clear, uninterrupted view of the large displays. Pilots relish the short checklists and reduced workload. And you’ll be impressed by the large windshield and improved visibility from this flight deck. 

Innovative avionics

The Rockwell Collins ProLine Fusion integrated avionics system showcases some of the most advanced avionics available in business aviation today. They include four high-resolution displays, synthetic vision system for enhanced safety, graphical flight planning with advanced flight management system, Embraer Enhanced Vision System (E2VS) for increased situational awareness, Surface Management System (SMS), and more.

Advanced digital flight controls

The Legacy 500 is the only jet in its class to upgrade the conventional flight controls to digital technology. The fly-by-wire system offers complete envelope protection, preventing commands that exceed the jet’s structural limits. It also puts the pilots in more control and helps reduce their overall workload. And everyone enjoys a smoother flight experience.

Cabin comfort unmatched in its class

At 6-feet (1.83 m.) tall with a flat floor and 27.6 feet (8.37 m.) long, the Legacy 500’s cabin is the largest in its class. Four pairs of facing chairs convert into fully flat berths that let you sleep soundly on overnight missions.

The seats are available with optional heating and massage, swivel and offer lateral and forward movement. The aircraft seats up to 12 passengers. And every seat has a window, the largest in its class, enabling you to read or work by natural light.

Holds everything you want to bring

At 110 cubic feet, the Legacy 500’s main baggage compartment is the largest in class. The aircraft also provides a generous in-flight accessible baggage compartment and cabin stowage space.

Luxury in flight

The Legacy 500 features a full wet galley, including hot and cold water; a large ice drawer; storage for optional galley crystal, china, and silverware; with optional espresso maker, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Your passengers can be well-refreshed and well-fed wherever you fly.

The Ovation Select Cabin Management System gives you full HD video, optional surround audio, and a wide range of connectivity options including 3.1 Mbps high-speed data and Wi-Fi connection.

Plus, the Legacy 500 gives you:

  • High speed cruise: 466 kt. (863 km/h) - fastest in class
  • Range: 3,125 nm (5,788 km.)(1).
  • Cabin pressurization: 5,800 ft - best in class.
  • Large windows in the lavatory – unique in its class.
  • Maximum operating altitude: 45,000 ft. (13,716 m.)
  • Maximum payload: 2,800 pounds (1,270 kg).
  • Takeoff Distance: 4,084 ft (1,245 m)(2)
  • Maximum engine thrust: 6,540 lbf.
  • Support by a top-rated Customer Support and Services Team

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It's really  leaps and bounds better than others.

- Brad Knaack, Legacy 500 pilot


Some items may be optional. Baseline aircraft data. (1) LRC, 4 passengers, 2 pilots and NBAA IFR reserves with 200nm alternate airport; (2) MTOW, Sea Level, ISA.