Les Goldberg, CEO, LMG Show Technology, Legacy 450, Legacy 500 customer


"There’s a certain quality of fit and finish you expect when you buy a multimillion-dollar aircraft. This aircraft exceeded my expectations with fit and finish. And then when you add the new avionics technology and the fly-by-wire, it gives you the best ride! The cabin is amazingly quiet. You don’t even realize you are flying. It is an absolutely beautiful machine.

From a business perspective, we have to visit our clients and we have to get to places; whether it be a small town or a big city, we need a little control of our destiny, our life. The aircraft is definitely one of those things you really don’t know how much you need until you have one. And then you rely on it immensely to continue to have some work-life, home-life balance.

You want to invest in the newest technology, you want to invest in something with a team that is going to support you all the way, and ultimately, you want to have an aircraft that fulfills your mission, and I’m very pleased.

This aircraft will do everything I need it to do. It allows me to continue to grow my business and lets me be where the customers are, where my events and shows take place and safely flies my family around when needed."Les Goldberg, CEO, LMG Show Technology, Legacy 450, Legacy 500 customer

The cutting-edge Legacy 500 has redefined the midsize class with performance, luxury, space and comfort previously unavailable in aircraft this size. Full fly-by-wire technology ensures a smoother journey. A quiet, elegantly styled 6-foot-tall flat-floor cabin features the only fully equipped wet galley in the segment, creating a more refined flight experience. And an innovative touchscreen overhead panel –exclusive to Embraer—brings flight information and cabin controls directly to passengers’fingertips. The Legacy 500: Luxury, comfort and convenience at its finest.