Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 Experience

Mike Alexander's experience with the first Legacy 500 delivery

On October 10, 2014, Embraer Executive Jets delivered the first Legacy 500. Mike Alexander, pilot and aviation consultant since 1990, accepted the first Legacy 500 on behalf of Embraer’s customer. 

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Mike Alexander is a Mackenzie University graduate with an MBA from Michigan State University and Management Courses from Harvard Business School. He serves on several aviation advisory boards and has managed the acceptance or transfer of nearly 90 aircraft. Mike is currently working with customers of 45 aircraft from helicopters and single engine to ultra-long range corporate jets. Upon acceptance of the first Legacy 500, he shared with us his impressions.

Below, are just a few quotes from Mike's experience with the aircraft. 

"Adding it all up, the aircraft project, the design of the aircraft, the avionics, the technical characteristics of the engines, the design of the fuselage, the interior space, the aerodynamics of the aircraft, the structure of the landing gear, the entire aircraft structure, the insertion of the windshield in the fuselage, it’s a work of art!"

"The performance, the fuel burn, weight-to-power ratio, the behavior of the avionics the automation systems, such as auto-pilot, fly-by-wire. They are all the best that is available in the world."

"I think it’s the beginning of a new era that everyone will be forced to follow."