Legacy 650E


Legacy 650 large jet nonstop flight from London to NY  
Non-stop flight from London to New York or São Paulo to Miami.

Performance Summary

  1. Range: 3,900 nm (7,223 km) (LRC, 4 passengers, 2 crew and NBAA IFR reserves with 200 nm alternate airport.)
  2. MMO (Maximum Operating Mach): Mach 0.80
  3. Normal Speed Cruise: Mach 0.78
  4. Takeoff Distance: 5,741 ft (1,750 m) (MTOW, Sea Level, ISA)
  5. Unfactored Landing Distance: 2,842 ft (866 m) (MLW with NBAA IFR reserves, Sea Level, ISA)
  6. Unfactored Landing Distance: 2,346 ft (715 m) (Landing with 4 passengers at 200lb (91kg) each and NBAA IFR reserves, Sea Level, ISA)
  7. Maximum Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft (12,497 m) 


Hourly fuel burn

1st hour 387 US Gal (1,464 l)
2nd hour 281 US Gal (1,065 l)
4 passengers and 2 crew @ 200 lb (91 kg) each, full fuel, ISA and no wind en-route, NBAA IFR Reserves Takeoff @SL, ISA.

Mission fuel burn

300 nm/00:49 flight time 1,773 lb (804 kg)
600 nm/01:34 flight time 3,146 lb (1,427 kg)
1,000 nm/02:33 flight time 4,815 lb (2,184 kg)
4 pax and 2 crew @200lb (91kg) each, optimized TOW, ISA and no wind en-route, NBAA IFR reserves, Takeoff @SL, ISA.

Fuel capacity

Maximum usable fuel 20,600 lb (9,344 kg)
Adopted fuel density 6.70 lb/US gal (0,803 kg/l)
Performance Summary
  1. Hot-and-high airports

    Legacy 650 large executive jet performance in hot-and-high airports - Telluride  
    Telluride (9,078 ft elevation)
    • Excellent aircraft performance at high elevation airports even in high temperatures
    • Optional High Altitude Landing and Takeoff (HALTO) capability provides access to many strategic airports located at elevations up to 13,800 ft
  2. Steep approach

    Legacy 650 large corporate jets steep approach capability - London City  
    London City
    • Optional steep approach capability allows operations at London City airport: 
      • Avoid London Heathrow and Gatwick
      • Close proximity to Cannary Wharf and
        City of London airport
  3. Restrictive airports

    Legacy 650 large corporate jet performance in restrictive airports - Cannes  
    • The Legacy 650E is one of the largest jets allowed into Cannes
    • Direct access to Côte d'Ázur