Welcome aboard the Kyoto Airship.

This Lineage 1000E concept takes air travel to new heights.


Embraer Executive Jets has come up with a revolutionary interior design concept for its Lineage 1000E, featuring expansive glass that bathes the luxurious cabin in natural light and offers stunning panoramic views from every seating position.


The Japanese-inspired Kyoto Airship design resulted from a collaboration between Jay Beever, Embraer Executive Jets’ Senior Vice President of Interior Design, yacht interior designer Patrick Knowles and Boat International. The challenge was to prove we could provide a similar design experience to the one you would get when designing a yacht. Designing a motoryacht often allows the owner to customize to the ultimate degree. We feel we can offer a similar experience with the Kyoto airship.


The unique design offers passengers an experience that is similar to traveling on a yacht, rethinking convention with door-sized windows and skylights that arc from the floor to the ceiling. Beever said the design team imagined a hypothetical Japanese customer who might want to sit on the floor instead of a traditional seat.


In developing the new concept, his team drew on the technical specs of an ERJ-145 regional jet, which has large observer windows the company designed for use by the Brazilian government. Embraer Executive Jets is ready to build this extraordinary aircraft for a Lineage 1000E customer who wants to experience the future of private air travel.


“We’ve proven to ourselves that we can make this,” Beever told Business Insider. “And when a Lineage customer is ready to order this airplane, we will make it.”

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