Lineage 1000

Set your own convention.

Our ultra-large Lineage 1000E offers true versatility — five cabin zones in multiple configurations, with room to spare worthy of a home away from home. It also gives you the ability to negotiate restrictive airports (Teterboro, Aspen, London City) as well as flights within an extended range capacity of 4,600 nm. Plus the advantage of low operating costs. All of which moves this aircraft comfortably beyond convention – and well into an experience unlike any other. Read More


  • One of the most flexible cabins in industry. Multiple cabin layouts
  • Five large, luxurious cabin zones
  • Largest in-flight accessible baggage compartment of any executive jet
  • Spacious, fully-equipped wet and dry galleys
  • Optional master suite: large bed & walk-in shower
  • Lowest cabin altitude in ultra-large segment
  • Steep approach capability

What our customers say

"What I like most about the Lineage is, I believe, it’s a good mix of technology and also where it keeps us, the pilots, still in the loop. It has all of the automation and technical systems on board, which makes it a very capable airplane. But it’s a pilot’s airplane, you can still grab the controls and do what we want it to do...the airplane is always there to back us up, and it’s very, very forgiving. "

Bernard Schvartz, pilot

Explore these five innovative, luxurious design concepts that have been developed exclusively for the Lineage 1000E: the Kyoto Airship, Skyacht One, Skyranch One, Manhattan and Hollywood.

1.The Skyacht One. A yacht that can fly? Imagine if you could take the most luxurious components of a super yacht and translate them to a private plane. That is what Jay Beever, the Embraer Executive Jets' Senior VP of Interior Design and Sotto Design Studios have done with the Skyacht One. With a fresh take on nautical themes, Embraer employs the finest luxury materials of mahogany, brass, leather and wooden trim for this custom Lineage 1000E. Now you can get a level of and refinement in the sky that had once been found only on the most exquisite oceangoing yachts.

2. The Kyoto Airship. This breathtaking beauty of an airplane is the Lineage 1000E, designed with expansive floor to ceiling windows offering stunning panoramic views from virtually any seated position. The Kyoto celebrates the beauty of nature by bathing the cabin in natural light. The design elements are simple, harmonious and elegant and incorporate sumptuous materials throughout the aircraft.

3. The Skyranch One. Sotto Design Studios and Jay Beever have teamed up once again to create an airplane that captures the solitude, thrill and romance of the West and wide open spaces. Bleached woods, woven European, saddle stitched leather and fine English wool are just some of the majestic materials used in the Skyranch. With windows trimmed with inlaid horn, onyx on the countertops, a bison horn for a beer tap in the bar area and Hermes burlap on the walls, the Skyranch One is built for individuals who relish pleasure and comfort.

4. The Manhattan. Combining the grandeur of classic New York with the advanced avionics of a Lineage 1000E, Jay Beever and Eddie Sotto have teamed up to create a luxurious, elegant space that evokes the great art and architecture of 1930’s Art Deco Manhattan. From the Chrysler building inspired Cloud Club bar to the rich jeweled colored interior outfitted in mahogany and brass, The Manhattan is a sophisticated departure from the ordinary.

5. The Hollywood. Leave it to Beever (and Sotto) to come up with a true homage to 1930’s Hollywood. This custom Lineage 1000E features a dazzling Cloud Club bar, exquisite gold-toned bar stools and tufted divans. Backlit crystal sculptures inside the walls and marble tones throughout the aircraft add a touch of drama and authenticity to the Hollywood’s décor. The Hollywood chronicles the history of Hollywood, with all the glitz and glamour you’ve come to expect from the glory days of the silver screen.

At a Glance

Range - nm4,600
Total Baggage Capacity - cu.ft.443
Take off Field Length - ft6,076
Engine Thrust - lbf18,500
MMO - Mach0.82
Maximum Operation Altitude - ft41,000
Avionics SuiteHoneywell Primus Epic​
+ Assumptions

Range: M 0.78, 8 Passengers at 200 lb/each, NBAA IFR reserves, 200 nm alternate airport, baseline aircraft.

Take off Field Length: MTOW, ISA, Sea Level

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Lineage 1000E Success Stories

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  • Apr. 19, 2016
    Embraer delivers its 1,000th business jet
    Embraer Executive Jets achieved a new milestone today when Cleveland-based Flexjet took delivery of Embraer’s 1,000th business jet. Read More
  • Nov. 19, 2013
    Embraer Executive Jets Announces Purchase Agreement with Arab Wings for Lineage 1000
    Embraer Executive Jets announced today, at the 13th edition of the Dubai Airshow, the signature of a purchase agreement for an ultra-large Lineage 1000 to Arab Wings. Read More
  • Oct. 21, 2013
    Embraer Executive Jets Introduces the Lineage 1000E
    Embraer Executive Jets announced today, during its press conference at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2013, the introduction of the Lineage 1000E executive jet. Read More