Lineage 1000


  • Flight deck

    Lineage 1000 ultra large corporate jets - flight deck features

    Honeywell Primus Epic™

    • Steep approach capability
    • RNP 0.3 AR
    • Autothrottle (reduced pilot workload, increased safety)
    • Autoland option with Category III A approach capability
    • Windshear Detection and Guidance System
    • Weather Radar with turbulence detection
    • CPDLC - Controller Pilot Data Link Communications

      Some features are optional

  • Avionics Features and Fly-By-Wire Flight Controls

    Lineage 1000 ultra large corporate jet cockpit
    • Fly-by-wire flight controls
      • Reduces pilot workload while enhancing safety, handling, performance, and comfort
      • Fewer cables and mechanisms, which are simpler, lighter and easier to maintain
    • Dual Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
    • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
    • Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS)
    • Dual FMS, including:
      • Worldwide database capability
      • Vertical Glide Path Mode 
      • Coupled LNAV/VNAV
    • Communication Management Function
      (ACARS) with 3rd VHF Modes
    • Lightning Sensor System
    • Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag
    • 2nd Radio Altimeter System
    • Dual Multifuntional Control and Display Unit (MCDU)
    • Smart Probes
    • Dual HF and VHF systems

    • Some features are optional

  • Efficient and reliable

    Lineage 1000 ultra large corporate jets engines
  • Inflight entertainment and cabin controls

    Lineage 1000 ultra large business aircraft inflight entertainment
    • LCD displays up to 42”
    • Speakers in all cabin zones
    • DVD, CD and MP3 connection
    • Touchscreen master controls for temperature
      lighting, window shades, audio and video

    Cabin altitude

    Lineage 1000 ultra large corporate jets cabin altitude
    • Cabin altitude of 7,000 ft while cruising at 41,000 ft
    • Low cabin altitude in ultra-large segment so you can arrive at your destination refreshed

  • External noise

    Lineage 1000 ultra large executive jet external noiseThe Lineage 1000E is quieter than even the most rigorous external noise requirements: compliant with Stage 4.

    A proven platform

    Lineage 1000 ultra large corporate jet platform
    • The Lineage 1000E was developed from the proven Embraer 170/190 family, which has accumulated more than 5 million hours flown under high utilization and harsh environments. A mature maintenance plan supports the Lineage based on MSG-3, allowing intervals as long as 500 flight hours or 6 months.