Embraer's Phenom ACE

An acronym for Aircraft Customizations by Embraer, the ACE Enhancement Package is the ultimate degree of personalization for the Phenom 100, the entry level jet that revolutionized its class and became the most delivered business jet in 2010, just two years after its market debut. Half of the Phenom 100’s global fleet of close to 350 aircraft is US-based and the other half is operating in 36 other countries. Today, this award-wining jet is very popular with owner-pilots, corporations, charter and fractional ownership companies, and jet training academies for private, commercial, and military pilots.'


The Phenom ACE enhancement package offers an elevated flight experience to current Phenom owners, by way of a new paint scheme and interior refurbishments. The design plays off Phenom owners’ passion for performance, putting them at the helm of not only the aircraft but also its design. From the tarmac, this passion is evident in the slick paint scheme that proudly displays iconic racing badges, unique to each owner. The ACE number is prominent and declares the aircraft’s exclusive team member status as well as that of the owner, who selects the number from their own inspirational references.


A Phenom owners’ passion for performance is not skin deep, however, and neither are the customization opportunities available with the Phenom ACE enhancement package. Free from the limitations of a race car cockpit, where space and comfort are ignored, the interior refurbishment options are unique. The ergonomics, craftsmanship, and design begins in the cockpit and echoes throughout the cabin, sharing the experience of the pilots with the passengers, who become ACE club members—at least for a flight.'

The seats are central to the Phenom ACE experience. Inspired by the inherent beauty of function in structures like the Eiffel Tower, the seats showcase their strength and function via peeks of exposed structure. Not only does that make for an elegant look, but the seats are also lighter, contributing to the performance of the aircraft via increased payload. Other interior enhancements further contribute to maximum performance, with heavy interior monuments like drawers and cabinets being replaced with lighter carbon fiber versions.'


When pilots that fly propeller-driven aircraft feel that need for speed they turn to the Phenom 100 for its jet propulsion and for its low operating cost, which is comparable to high-performance propeller aircraft. The state-of-the-art flight deck was designed to allow pilots to fly solo with a lighter workload.


This revolutionary jet boasts features typically seen in larger aircraft, such as the elegant air stair, the spacious Oval Lite cabin—a unique market offering, the largest windows in the class for abundant natural light, a refreshment center, and a private rear lavatory with a vanity, storage, and windows. With the most generous baggage compartment in its class, passengers need to leave nothing behind as they board the Phenom to their favorite destinations. And the last stop at a maintenance facility is a distant memory thanks to its airline-grade reliability.

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