Bill Midon, Owner, Intervest International Ltd.


"The Phenom 100 has been remarkable in almost every respect -- the cabin, the size of the airplane, the ramp presence is second to none in this category of airplane. Embraer has done a brilliant job of simplifying the operation of the aircraft, and as such, I feel extremely confident as a single pilot flying with my family in the airplane.

The Prodigy Touch system in the front of the airplane, the office as they say, is so intuitive. The airplane’s ability to deal with weather, bumps, things of that sort, things that my wife does not like, is just really remarkable. I feel incredibly safe in the airplane. It has been a stable platform, reliability has been fantastic. I use the airplane for business now, primarily going to our real-estate development sites in New Jersey, which is a short hop. I can deal with multiple projects very efficiently and be home more than I would be if I was traveling commercially and staying in hotels.

The value proposition of a Phenom 100 is significant. In my humble opinion, there isn’t really much of a decision to make. You can’t get that cabin comfort in other entry-level aircraft. Embraer stands alone as an aircraft manufacturer that takes that reliability, the technology, the experience down to the entry-level jet, and there’s nobody else that compares."Bill Midon, Owner, Intervest International Ltd.

One of the most disruptive entry-level jets ever designed, the Phenom 100EV offers exceptional advantages and advanced capabilities. Its avionics suite - the Prodigy® Touch, based on the Garmin G3000 - features the first-ever touchscreen glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft. With its exclusive Oval Lite® cross-section and modern, sophisticated design, the Phenom 100EV boasts one of roomiest cabins in the segment, abundant leg and head room, seating for eight occupants and the largest windows and baggage capacity in its class. The aircraft’s private lavatory is the only one in its category with windows, allowing for plenty of natural light, while the signature airstair and largest-in-class entrance door provide truly enviable ramp presence. Delivering exceptional jet performance with operating costs similar to a turboprop, the Phenom 100EV is a true standout among entry-level business jets.