Phenom 100

Interior Cabin Design

  1. Baggage compartment
  2. Lavatory
  3. Interior highlights
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Cockpit

Baggage compartment

Phenom 100E Corporate Jet Baggage Compartment

Largest baggage capacity in class - 70 ft³

  • ​53 ft³ aft baggage compartment - best in class
  • Easy access
Learn more about the baggage compartment


Phenom 100E Lavatory Design

Fully enclosed aft lavatory with optional rigid door for enhanced privacy

  • A fully enclosed chemical lavatory is standard
  • Rigid door separates the lavatory from the cabin
  • Natural light comes from two large windows, unique in its class
  • Lavatory seat can be used for takeoff and landing
  • Additional stowage space available with optional cabinetry

Some features are optional

Interior highlights

Phenom 100E Entry Level Aircraft Cabin

One of the roomiest cabins in its class

  • Innovative Oval Lite® cross section
  • Rear private lavatory with optional rigid door
  • Largest windows in its class
  • Unique design: partnership with BMW DesignworksUSA
  • Two distinct temperature zones
  • 11 interior color palettes to tailor to your taste
  • Optional refreshment center, stowage space and premium seats
Furniture details Cabin finish options


Phenom 100E Executive Jet Wardrobe

Flexible storage

  • Forward wardrobe able to stow coats, jackets and laptops, with 6 ft³ (170 l) capacity
  • The wardrobe can be replaced with an optional refreshment center
  Cabin configurations


Phenom 100E Entry Level Aircraft Cockpit

Cockpit - Prodigy™ Touch Flight Deck

  • Single-pilot operation
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Glass cockpit with large displays
  • State-of-the-art avionics
  • Touch-screen controlled glass flight deck

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  • Innovation
    The Phenom 100EV is an entry-level jet with next generation technology. Its class-leading Prodigy® Flight Deck 100 ensures that this is a jet that outperforms and outclasses its rivals and delivers the ultimate definition of freedom.

  • Comfort
    With a more comfortable cabin and the largest baggage capacity in its class, you and your belongings will be able to get to wherever you need to in the world in unsurpassed comfort and style.

  • Ergonomics
    Our engineers have carefully planned and placed every detail of the Phenom 100EV’s interior to deliver an effortless symmetry. its clean, simple lines create a feeling of lightness, serenity and space.

  • Performance
    The Phenom 100EV leads the way for performance. It flies just under 1,200 nm and takes off from runways as short as 3,199 ft (975 m). It is also one of the fastest jets in its category, yet still has similar operating costs to a turboprop.

Cabin selections

Internal Configurations

You can choose the best configuration of your jet:

  • Standard: 6 occupants
  • Optional: up to 8 occupants (included
    optional belted toilet and optional 5th seat)
StandardPhenom 100E Corporate Aircraft Cabin Layout 
OptionalPhenom 100E Private Cabin Layout
Phenom 100E  Configurator  

New Phenom 100EV configurator app

A tool to configure the Phenom 100EV, selecting interior materials and exterior paint schemes and colors.

Oval Lite

  • Offers more head and leg room
  • The Oval Lite® cross cabin is a result of Embraer and BMW DesignworksUSA
    commitment to ergonomics and comfort

Phenom 100E Entry Level Jet Cabin
Internal Finishing Options

Eleven color pallets to match your taste.

AmberPhenom 100 Entry Level Bizjet Cabin
BronzitePhenom 100 Cabin Design Options
Crystal Phenom 100E Crystal Cabin Design
EmeraldPhenom 100 Emerald Cabin Design
MysticPhenom 100 Mystic Cabin Design
PearlPhenom 100 Pearl Cabin Design
RubyPhenom 100 Ruby Cabin Design
SaphirePhenom 100 Sapphire Cabin Design
Smokey Quartz Phenom 100 Smokey Quartz Interior Cabin Design
Sunstone Phenom 100 Sunstone Interior Cabin Design
RubyPhenom 100 Tiffany Interior Cabin Design

Entrance door and stair

Phenom 100E Business Aircraft Entrance Door
  • Largest entrance door with unique air stair
  • Standard handrail
  • Optional step lights and telescopic tubes

Largest windows in entry-level and light jets category

Phenom 100E Private Jet Windows
  • Phenom 100EV window area is approximatelly 1.33 ft2
  • Windows well positioned to provide natural light for passengers

Baggage compartments

  • Largest baggage capacity in its class - 70 ft3
How much luggage can I bring?
Phenom 100E Corporate Jet Baggage Compartments 

External design and dimensions

Phenom 100E External Dimensions  
Phenom 100E Executive Jet Dimensions  
Phenom 100E External Dimensions