Phenom 100

Phenom 100 Competitive Advantages

Embraer's Phenom 100:

A high-performance entry-level jet with remarkable cabin comfort

  • Easy to fly​​: single-pilot workload cockpit
  • Economical and affordable: speed of a jet, economics of a turboprop
  • Outstanding reliability: airline-like operational efficiency
Phenom 100E Corporate Jet

When you want to move up from a single-engine piston or turboprop aircraft and own a corporate jet that’s within your budget - the time is right to explore the Phenom 100.

Built by Embraer Executive Jets, the Phenom 100 incorporates the same Embraer design philosophy and engineering experience that goes into building Embraer’s larger corporate and commercial jets that cost many times more. No wonder the Phenom 100 won the Robb Report’s Best of the Best Award for five consecutive years!

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A top tier entry-level private jet with unparalleled economy

The Phenom 100 has lower mission costs than competitors – including turboprops(1). Rugged construction and reliable performance mean higher utilization and availability. You pay less - and get so much more flying time for the money. Flying above most weather, our jet moves at 405 ktas high speed cruise with great comfort for passengers.

Easy to fly

A single pilot can fly this aircraft. Smart system automation reduces pilot checklists while soft keys on displays minimize navigation time on menus.  Business & Commercial Aviation noted the Phenom 100 had “one of the most intuitive cockpits of any business aircraft yet produced(2). Take-off capabilities enable the jet to climb directly to 41,000 feet with no intermediate steps.

One of the roomiest entry-level cabins

Even though the Phenom 100 is an entry-level jet, its cabin - one of the largest in the category - is big enough to carry up to six passengers in comfort and style.

The exclusive OvalLiteTM cabin offers more leg and head room plus the largest windows in its class for greater comfort and more natural light. 

Baggage capacity, the largest in its class, is 70 cubic feet (1.98 cubic meters)– ample room to carry passengers’ bulky luggage.  And the lavatory is the only in the category featuring large windows for additional natural light.

A ramp presence like no other

The Phenom 100’s ramp presence is an enviable one, especially at night with its impressive air stair down and the lights turned on. The aircraft has the largest entrance door in its class, like no other in the category. A favorite of Phenom 100 owners, the jet’s air stair features handrails, optional step lights, and telescopic tubes.

Adds an extra touch for passenger comfort

Optional premium seats have full movement capability including total recline for grabbing a nap. Select your favorite finishing collection from the 11 options tastefuly crafted by professional interior designers.

Drinks can be served from the optional refreshment center. 

Plus, the Phenom 100 gives you:

  • Maximum Mach Operation: 0.70 Mach.
  • Takeoff distance: 3,199 ft (975 m)(3).
  • Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 feet.
  • Range with four occupants: 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km)(4).
  • Engine thrust: 1,730 lbf.
  • Support by a top-rated Customer Support and Services Team.

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This is a clean-sheet design aircraft. It's not an aircraft that has evolved from old technology. It's incredible.

- Keith Christensen, Phenom 100 Owner/Operator


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