Introducing the new Phenom 100 EV by Embraer - a touch more phenomenal

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Embraer Executive Jets is rethinking convention again – this time through the
evolution of our popular Phenom 100E – to create the new Phenom 100 EV.

It is the next generation of the industry’s most desired entry-level jet.

First touchscreen glass flight deck ever designed for light turbine aircraft

The Phenom 100 EV’s cockpit features a Prodigy® Touch avionics suite based on the Garmin G3000: the first touchscreen glass flight deck ever designed for light turbine aircraft. Prodigy® Touch revolutionizes flight management, giving pilots more resources and replacing an array of traditional knobs, switches and buttons with larger, centralized touchscreens. The Prodigy Touch suite also includes enhanced vertical navigation – and features the GWX 70 with ground clutter suppression and turbulence detection. SurfaceWatch and Windshear Alerting are also available.

The Phenom retains its capacious reputation with both the roomiest cabin and largest baggage capacity in its class. And true to Embraer’s meticulous attention to detail, additional features in the Phenom 100 EV improve convenience and comfort. These include relocated power outlets with a USB charger and a redesigned floor sill that increases usable aisle width.

An even more evolved Phenom 100. From the company that makes challenging the status quo an every day part of our business.

It can take the heat

An updated engine, with the latest FADEC, allows the Phenom 100 to break the 400-knot cruisespeed barrier for the first time ever. 

Improved hot and high performance

And performance on takeoff in hot and high conditions has been significantly improved. 

Greater thrust shortens liftoffs by the length of three football fields – a better than 15% improvement – and shaves 25% off time to initial cruise altitude. All this, with a gross weight increase that allows the aircraft to carry more payload for added versatility.


Phenom 100 EV Main Specifications

Specification Phenom 100EV Phenom 100E
Range IFR reserves at LRC (1) 1,178 nm 1,178 nm
High Speed Cruise
405 kt  @FL330
389 kt @FL330
Hot & high takeoff distance (2)
5,663 ft
6,609 ft
Time to climb to FL410 (3)
25 min
33 min
Payload Full Fuel
645 lb
602 lb
Engines / Thrust
PW617F1-E/ 1,730 lbf
PW617F-E/ 1,695 lbf
PRODIGY 100 (G1000)
Ice detector
New power outlets w/ USB charger
(1) NBAA IFR reserves; 100 nm alternate; 4 passengers @ 200 lb each; baseline aircraft (2) MTOW, 5,000ft @25C (3) SL; ISA; MTOW