Keith Christensen, Owner, Christensen Industries


"Why the Embraer product? I researched the market, and I knew exactly what was there. There are other airplanes in the entry-level class, but if you look at the numbers, the Phenom 100 is the one aircraft that meets our needs in this category. And if you compare it side by side with the others in its class, the Phenom 100 stands number one, it does.

The design of the aircraft cabin is a big deal to people who sit back there. The people who are on trips with us for business love it. It’s bigger, it’s taller, the windows are better, so it’s comfortable for the guys in the back. This is a clean-sheet design aircraft. It’s incredible. And if you’re up front, the design of the cockpit is very pilot-friendly. The way the avionics suite works is user-friendly and it reduces the workload. The Phenom 100 has met or exceeded the performance or design criteria completely.

There are other companies out there that make jets. There are no other companies out there that make jets of this quality, doing this mission as designed. For 45 years I’ve owned products from other companies, and service is not always equal. I’ve had the best experience in 45 years with Embraer. And you know, it’s not that others don’t do good things, it’s just that Embraer has figured out how to do it better."Keith Christensen, Owner, Christensen Industries

A six-time winner of Robb Report’s Best of the Best award in the entry-level segment, with one of the roomiest-in-class cabins, the Phenom 100 can comfortably carry up to seven passengers. The exclusive OvalLite™ cabin offers a modern, sophisticated design with abundant leg and head room, plus the largest windows and baggage capacity in its class. The Phenom 100’s avionics suite – the Prodigy® Touch, based on the Garmin G3000 —features the first-ever touchscreen glass flight deck designed for light turbine aircraft, and its private lavatory is the only one in its category with windows, for plenty of natural light. Showcasing an enviable ramp presence, the signature air stair leads to the largest entrance door in its class. Delivering exceptional jet performance with operating costs similar to a turboprop, the Phenom 100 truly stands out among entry-level business jets.