Phenom 100


  • Prodigy Touch flight deck

    Phenom 100E Cockpit Design

    Avionics that are in a class of their own

    Design drivers

    • Single-pilot operation
    • Touch-screen controlled  glass flight deck
    • Optimized human factors to reduce workload
    • Enhanced situational awareness
    • Glass cockpit with large displays
    • State-of-the-art avionics


    • Single-pilot operation flight management system
    • Three 12.4” interchangeable displays
    • Soft keys on displays minimize navigation time on menus
    • No overhead panel and reduced number of switches
    • Smart system automation reduces pilot's checklists
    • FMS with graphical flight planning capabilities
    • Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI)
    • Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
    • Electronic checklist and system synoptics
    • Charts and Maps (SIDs, STARs)
    • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
    • Weather radar with vertical scan capability
    • Coupled VNAV and RNP
    • WAAS / LPV
    • Datalink via SATCOM
    • Central Maintenance Computer (CMC): quick fault location and isolation
    Some items are optional

    Phenom 100E Single Pilot Cockpit

  • Outstanding performance with high dependability

    Phenom 100E Private Jet Engine
  • Cabin temperature

    Phenom 100 entry level business aircraft cabin temperature
    • Two distinct temperature zones
    • Independent cabin/cockpit temperature controls provided by the ECS (Environmental Control System)
    • VIP Panel (optional) allows passengers to control cabin temperature
    • Electronic thermostat ensures precise temperature control

    Emissions and external noise

    Phenom 100E Environmental Technology
    • Environmental friendly
    • Phenom 100EV  CO2  emissions are 10% lower than its closest competitor's emissions for a 600 nm
    • The Phenom 100EV complies with and surpasses ICAO Stage 4 noise requirements with a significant margin of 33EPNdB and features lower noise levels than competitors

  • High utilization in an economic life

    The Phenom 100EV is as easy to maintain as it is easy to operate.

    Simple maintenance and long intervals (600 flight hours or 12 months) between inspections are the result of MSG-3  low-intervention maintenance methodology.

    The Phenom100EV is designed for an economic life of 35,000 hours, leaving its closest competitor trailing far behind.

    Phenom 100E Corporate Jet Maintenance