Dennis Hourany, Real Estate Developer

Phenom 300: Going Above and Beyond

"It’s important to have a vehicle that’s exciting to fly. The one I came out of was okay; it worked. But the Embraer Phenom 300 is unbelievable. The ramp presence was appealing to me, and the jet outperforms anything I’d flown prior. The idea that you can get that kind of performance and economy out of an aircraft is important.

And I recognized early on with Embraer that customer care is important to them as well. It’s almost like, ‘Is this real that they care this much?’ The product performs. The support team is always there. You really can’t ask for anything more.

This is actually my second Phenom 300, and both experiences were identical. I felt very important. They left no stone unturned. They covered everything. They held your hand through the walk-through. You could put together a punch list that day, and by the next morning it was taken care of. In both instances the experience was seamless, so I knew it wasn’t an anomaly that I was pleased the first time, because it happened the second time as well."Dennis Hourany, Real Estate Developer

The best-selling business jet in the world four years in a row, Embraer’s Phenom 300 platform achieved breakthrough status and dominated as the fastest, longest range single-pilot aircraft on the market. And now, with the introduction of the brand-new Phenom 300E, a whole new standard in value and customer experience has been set. Designated “E” for “enhanced,” this modern, clean-sheet light jet delivers top-tier performance and next-generation avionics, along with a revolutionary new interior design for improved ergonomics, ease of maintainability, advanced connectivity and unmatched comfort and space. Add to that the industry-exclusive upper technology panel, plus a generous baggage compartment and low operating costs, and it’s easy to see why the Phenom 300E is truly in a class by itself.