Gary Sides, Phenom 300 Chief Pilot, Shamrock Capital Corporation

Phenom 300: It's Amazing

"We looked at all different kinds of models, and there’s nothing that really jumped out and excited me until the Phenom 300 came along. The Phenom 300 won out, simply because of the reliability and its maintenance aspect.

The most frequent comment I’ve had with the people in the cabin is how quiet it is. They can carry on their conversations; they don’t have to yell over the engine or the wind noise.

What the Phenom 300 will carry, weight wise and baggage wise, was the first thing that impressed me. I looked back there, and thought, ‘Man, I’ve got all kinds of room.’ And sure enough, on our golfing trips, we usually have been able to put in six guys. Usually I can put six golf bags, six suitcases, two more suitcases for the crew, eight suit bags, miscellaneous bags, shoes, umbrellas, and all the different accessories they want for their golf trip, and I still have room left over. It’s amazing.

From the very beginning to the very end of the purchase of the aircraft, it’s been just a really phenomenal experience."Gary Sides, Phenom 300 Chief Pilot, Shamrock Capital Corporation

The Phenom 300 — the most-delivered business jet in the world — is a clean-sheet-design light aircraft that delivers best-in-class speed, climb and field performance, next-generation avionics, a spacious cabin and a largest-in-class baggage compartment. Its comfortable, highly intuitive cockpit, with large displays and state-of-the-art avionics, enhances situational awareness. Delivering superior comfort and style, the OvalLite™ cabin provides ample leg and head room and the largest galley and windows in its class, for abundant natural light. Up to 11 occupants also enjoy the best cabin altitude in the category. Contributing to its enviable presence on the ramp, the signature air stair leads to the largest entrance door in its class. The Phenom 300’s superior overall performance, combined with class-leading fuel efficiency, contribute to its breakthrough status and strong acceptance in the marketplace.