Mary Compton, CEO, Compton Corporation

Phenom 300: Presence and Power Unlike Any Other Jet

"I was wowed by the difference between Phenom 300 and any other jet you could fly single pilot. It’s just an awesome aircraft. It’s a magic carpet. You pull up on the ramp, and you’re looking down on other jets, literally. The door, the stairs, the entrance to the aircraft − it’s the ultimate ramp presence. And then the raw power of the aircraft is phenomenal. Especially when flying in mountainous areas, which we do a lot, it’s great to have that confidence of power.

So there was no question when we started looking for our next jet: the Phenom 300. It’s elegant. It’s a sexy plane. It can hold a lot of people, but the sheer, unadulterated power that it has to climb, and the power it has to fly fast, is unlike any other jet we’ve flown. It is the best jet you can fly single pilot."Mary Compton, CEO, Compton Corporation

The best-selling business jet in the world four years in a row, Embraer’s Phenom 300 platform achieved breakthrough status and dominated as the fastest, longest range single-pilot aircraft on the market. And now, with the introduction of the brand-new Phenom 300E, a whole new standard in value and customer experience has been set. Designated “E” for “enhanced,” this modern, clean-sheet light jet delivers top-tier performance and next-generation avionics, along with a revolutionary new interior design for improved ergonomics, ease of maintainability, advanced connectivity and unmatched comfort and space. Add to that the industry-exclusive upper technology panel, plus a generous baggage compartment and low operating costs, and it’s easy to see why the Phenom 300E is truly in a class by itself.