Phenom 300


What do you do when you make the best-selling business jet in the world for four consecutive years? You make it even better. Setting a new standard in value and customer experience, our brand-new Phenom 300E (designated “E” for “Enhanced”) delivers top-tier performance and next-generation avionics, along with a revolutionary interior design for improved ergonomics, ease of maintainability and unmatched comfort and space. That’s right… the fastest, longest range single-pilot aircraft on the market now also features such enhancements as a totally redesigned cabin with multiple zones of personalization, even more headroom and aisle space, adjustable headrests and thigh bolsters, retractable armrests, a cutting-edge “backbone of technology” and an advanced cabin control system. All because, for us, the status quo wasn’t good enough. And never is. Read More


  • The world’s best-selling business jet, fully enhanced.
  • Industry-exclusive upper tech panel
  • Generous natural light with largest windows in class
  • Best cabin pressurization among light jets
  • Unsurpassed comfort and personalization in its class
  • nice® HD CMS/IFE by Lufthansa Technik
  • Innovative seats
  • Optimized passenger mobility
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Enhanced cabin lighting scheme
  • Sleek, silent gaspers to enhance acoustic comfort
  • Unique airstair
  • Enviable ramp presence
  • Single-point refueling and externally serviced lavatory are standard
  • Low maintenance and low operating costs

What our customers say

"I don’t fly too much anymore, but I’ve managed to stay current in the Phenom 300 because just the joy that it really is to fly that aircraft. "

Keith Harrison, president and CEO of Founders Aviation

"It offers just an excellent performance and easy-to-use avionics. On the inside of the airplane, it’s unmatched as far as the way it looks, and then on the outside, it looks like a big airplane. "

David Coffman, Phenom 300 Pilot-Instructor

"It fits that wonderful light-jet need, and again, combining the performance and the economies, there’s no other plane that really compares with it. "

Leonard Goldberg, Owner, Gold Aviation Services

At a Glance

Range - nm1,971
Total Baggage Capacity - cu.ft.84
Take off Field Length - ft3,138
Engine Thrust - lbf3,360
MMO - Mach0.78
Maximum Operation Altitude - ft45,000
Avionics SuiteProdigy Touch Flight Deck
+ Assumptions

Range: LRC, 6 occupants at 200 lb/each, NBAA IFR reserves, 100 nm alternate airport, baseline aircraft.

Take off Field Length: MTOW, Sea Level, ISA

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Phenom 300 Success Stories

Phenom 300 Latest News

  • Jun. 28, 2018
    Embraer delivers Asia Pacific’s first Phenom 300E to Australian luxury tourism group Northern Escape Collection
    Embraer has delivered its first Phenom 300E in Asia Pacific to Northern Escape Collection. Read More
  • May. 23, 2018
    Embraer Makes EBACE Debut of Phenom 300E - new model of world’s most-delivered light business jet for past 6 years
    Embraer will debut the new Phenom 300E business jet at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 29 to May 31.  Read More
  • Mar. 29, 2018
    Embraer certifies and delivers first Phenom 300E - new model of most-delivered light business jet for past 6 years
    Embraer has delivered the first new Phenom 300E business jet, having received its type certificate in the first quarter from the FAA, the EASA, and the ANAC. Read More