So Many Reasons to Love a Phenom 300

So Many Reasons to Love a Phenom 300


The Embraer Phenom 300’s popularity is soaring to new heights. For the third consecutive year, the clean-sheet light aircraft is the most-delivered business jet in the world. We are thrilled so many customers and others share our passion for this innovative jet that resulted from rethinking convention. If you have not experienced the Phenom 300 yet, we hope to welcome you aboard this incredible aircraft in the near future. In the meantime, we invite you to experience the aircraft through the eyes of some of our customers.


  • Wonderful charter airplane

    Wonderful charter airplane
    From: Leonard Goldberg, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
    Experience: Aircraft Owner/Charter Operator
    It’s just been a wonderful charter airplane. It fits that wonderful light-jet need, and again, combining the performance and the economies, there’s no other plane that really compares with it.
  • Very proud of Phenom 300

    Very proud of Phenom 300
    From: Alessandra das Graças Portela
    Experience: Manufacturing Development Engineer
    To see each improvement in the Phenom 300 is indescribable. It was as if you had a son whom you raised to fly; later you felt pride upon seeing that your small contribution is "flying" high and winning awards! And it is really good to fly in a Phenom 300.
  • It’s a ‘joy’ to fly the Phenom 300

    It’s a ‘joy’ to fly the Phenom 300
    From: Keith Harrison, Operator, Houston, TX
    Experience: Operator
    I don’t fly too much anymore, but I’ve managed to stay current in the Phenom 300 because just the joy that it really is to fly that aircraft.
  • Fantastic to fly

    Fantastic to fly
    From: Michael Rumpf, Brazil
    Experience: Pilot
    About the avionics, I can say this: It’s fantastic when you are a pilot and you fly, when you are in the cockpit. The Garmin 3000 is an excellent piece of equipment, really excellent.
  • Soars to high altitude quickly

    Soars to high altitude quickly
    From: Eder Moreira Bueno dos Santos
    Experience: Design Engineering, Structural Design, Commercial Aviation
    It was amazing to feel the power of the engines during takeoff, how quickly it reached a high altitude, opened the control surfaces and lowered the landing gear in high speed to demonstrate flight stability, with minimum noise and almost no turbulence!
  • Easy-to-use avionics

    Easy-to-use avionics
    From: David Coffman, FL, USA
    Experience: Pilot-Instructor
    Looking at it from the outside, it just looks like a fast airplane. And it is; it’s a neat airplane. From a pilot perspective, it’s a joy to fly just because it has a lot of performance.
  • 'Everything' I was seeking

    From: Wayne Gorsek, Phenom 300 Owner and Pilot
    Experience: Owner, Pilot
    Wayne Gorsek, CEO of, says Embraer’s Phenom 100 and 300 had everything he was looking for in a business jet, "from the avionics to the engines to the systems."
  • Performance, baggage area stand out

    Performance, baggage area stand out
    From: Gustavo Gonçalves, Brazil
    Experience: Pilot
    The characteristic I appreciate most about the Phenom 300 is mainly performance, on short runways and under high-hot operation conditions. The baggage compartment in the aircraft is sensational too.
  • Spectacular performance

    Spectacular performance
    From: Pedro Persivo, Brazil
    Experience: Pilot
    So the aircraft is fantastic: low fuel consumption, very low operating costs. It’s an aircraft for a company that actually uses it as a tool, and I do not see any other aircraft from any competitor that meets those needs as well as the Phenom 300.
  • 'Allows us to fly beyond our dreams'

    From: Paulo Henrique F. Santos
    Experience: Aeronautical Engineering - Executive Jets
    I love the P300 elegance and outstanding performance. It allows us to fly beyond our dreams!
  • 'Result of great teamwork'

    From: João Paulo de Santis
    Experience: Spare Parts, Product Development Engineering - Defense Program
    I was responsible for implementing nearly 1,000 ideas in the Phenom when I supported the production line. The Phenom 300 is the result of great teamwork and collaboration between Production, Engineering, Quality, and Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Best flight experience I ever had in a cockpit

    Best flight experience I ever had in a cockpit
    From: Douglas Albuquerque
    Experience: Product Development Engineer, Embraer
    During takeoff, I was surprised with the strength of the engines. It was the best flight experience that I ever had in a cockpit. An unforgettable experience.
  • The airplane looks great

    The airplane looks great
    From: Mark Twombly, Naples, FL, USA
    Experience: Executive Director, Embraer Jet Operators Association
    It is reliable. It fulfills most of the missions and it looks great.
  • Very reliable aircraft

    Very reliable aircraft
    From: Rogerio Anrade, Brazil
    Experience: CEO, Fractional Aircraft Operator
    Very reliable aircraft, modern, with very favorable characteristics, especially for the type of business we do, because we need a high dispatchability, a high rate of delivery, and that is exactly what the aircraft allows us.
  • In the world of personal flying, it’s the machine

    In the world of personal flying, it’s the machine
    From: David Mendal, Miami Beach, FL, USA
    Experience: Pilot, Charter Owner/Operator
    The reliability on that airplane is unbelievable; range. And the most important thing is the efficiency of that airplane.
  • Stands out from its competitors

    Stands out from its competitors
    From: Sam Mizrahi, Toronto, Canada
    Experience: Owner, Pilot
    You brought clean-sheet design to it and really brought it up to technology that was current. And when I looked at a lot of the competitors, I didn’t see that.
  • 'Perfect collaboration' among team

    From: Alexandre Rocha Alves
    Experience: Product Development Engineer - Mechanical Systems
    There is simply no limit to the love we have for them. Experiences like we had in Mesa, Arizona, where we performed validation tests, reinforce the perfect collaboration among Embraer employees.
  • Exceptional avionics, reliability

    Exceptional avionics, reliability
    From: Valdemar Queiroz, Brazil
    Experience: Pilot
    The avionics give us a great situational awareness, and regarding the reliability of the aircraft, it is excellent.
  • 'Exceeds all expectations'

    From: Joaquim A. de Paula Dias
    Experience: Quality, Phenom Program, Embraer
    I have been in the Phenom Program since the first delivery in São José dos Campos. The Phenom 300 exceeds all expectations of many customers. You can see it in our customers' eyes when they see the aircraft for the first time and after the first flight.
  • 'Phenom 300 is beautiful'

    From: Paulo Reiss Junior
    Experience: Phenom 300 structural assembly
    What I like most is the form of the tail assembly in composite materials. The smooth surface, the lightness and the perfect aerodynamic lines really call attention to it. "Beautiful airplane, flies well" as we say it. The Phenom 300 is beautiful!