Wayne Gorsek, Founder and CEO, DrVita.com

Phenom 300: Safety, Advanced Avionics, Comfort

"What inspired my purchase was a combination of the passion and love of aviation and to pilot a jet like the Phenom 300. But also for business purposes, I can fly around the world and meet with vendors who supply us raw materials. I can meet with retailers, so it’s very exciting to fly very quickly to them and avoid the delays and cancellations of commercial air travel. Plus, you can fly into smaller airports that are closer to your destination.

And what got me so excited about Embraer was its DNA building airliners, the ERJs. I always tell people Embraer forgot it’s building executive jets. They still believe they’re building airliners for endurance, safety, redundancy.

Embraer treats me as well or better than its airline customers. The company goes out of its way to keep the plane upgraded with service bulletins, improving the systems of the plane, improving every aspect of the airplane. I like the fact that Embraer is just constantly improving the Phenom 300, and they do a phenomenal job of keeping parts in stock.

The plane is very stable. Passengers like the combination of the safety of the airplane, the advanced avionics, combined with the comfort of the plane. The lavatory being externally serviceable is awesome for both the owners/operators and passengers. And the new Phenom 300E interior is far superior than anything else I have seen before.

I wanted the latest, greatest, best, safest technology, and Embraer had it all, from the avionics to the engines to the systems."Wayne Gorsek, Founder and CEO, DrVita.com

The best-selling business jet in the world four years in a row, Embraer’s Phenom 300 platform achieved breakthrough status and dominated as the fastest, longest range single-pilot aircraft on the market. And now, with the introduction of the brand-new Phenom 300E, a whole new standard in value and customer experience has been set. Designated “E” for “enhanced,” this modern, clean-sheet light jet delivers top-tier performance and next-generation avionics, along with a revolutionary new interior design for improved ergonomics, ease of maintainability, advanced connectivity and unmatched comfort and space. Add to that the industry-exclusive upper technology panel and low operating costs, and it’s easy to see why the Phenom 300E is truly in a class by itself.