Newsletter - The Embraer Advantage

We invite you to read the Embraer Advantage, a newsletter published by Embraer Executive Jets for our current and future customers.​​​​​​

  • The Embraer Advantage, Issue 39, 4th Quarter 2017
    The latest issue of Embraer Advantage is here, and we are excited to present you with fresh updates and developments, including the launch of Embraer’s new TechCare platform, as well as 2017 milestones and a year-end wrap-up from Embraer Executive Jets President & CEO Michael Amalfitano.

  • The Embraer Advantage, Issue 38, 3rd Quarter 2017
    This issue includes key insights into Embraer’s brand-new Phenom 300E and a special feature about how both the Embraer Institute and Embraer Foundation enrich communities through social and environmental development.

  • The Embraer Advantage, Issue 37, 2nd Quarter, 2017
    The June 2017 issue of Embraer Advantage is here, and we are excited to present you with the latest updates and developments, including key insights into Embraer’s new brand signature and a special feature about how Embraer is helping China’s Sino Jet build a leading brand.

  • The Embraer Advantage, Issue 36, 1st Quarter, 2017
    In this issue, learn more about the origin and design of the clean-sheet Phenom 300, the first Legacy 450 assembled in the U.S. delivered to a former Phenom 300 operator, the first female pilot in the world to fly a Legacy 500 and the travel philosophies of Philippe Lacrosse, the man who is taking his family on an amazing around-the-world journey in his Phenom 300.