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200th Phenom 100


São José dos Campos, May 11, 2011 – Embraer delivered its 200th Phenom 100 jet in a ceremony held at the Company’s headquarters, in São José dos Campos, Brazil, last April. The aircraft was received by U.S.-based Swift Aviation Group, Inc., from Phoenix, Arizona, a private company that provides a wide array of aviation services such as aircraft charter, and charter sales management, among others.

This Phenom 100 was ordered by Swift in May 2006 and will reside at their headquarters in Phoenix. Back in 2000, Swift became Embraer’s launch customer for the Legacy 600 jet, with an order of 25 aircraft. Today, its fleet also has the Phenom 100, the most delivered executive jet in the world in 2010.

We are delighted that Swift Aviation Group has received the 200th unit of our popular Phenom 100 jet,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “With our longstanding working relationship through the Legacy 600, I am confident this aircraft will continue to contribute positively to Swift’s business operations.”

“Among the aircraft in its class, the Phenom 100 provides the best value for investment and is a great private aircraft,” said Jerry Moyes, owner ​of Swift Aviation Group. “The jet’s style, performance and comfort, in my opinion, exceed every entry level jet in the market. After ​owning Legacy 600 aircraft and maintaining a good working relationship with Embraer over the last ten years, I only have high expectations for this aircraft and the customer service that comes along with it.

Embraer is commemorating ten years in the executive jets market in 2011. The Company’s portfolio currently includes seven aircraft, from the entry level Phenom 100 to the ultra-large Lineage 1000. In 2010, nearly one out of every five business jets delivered, worldwide, was
produced by Embraer.

About Swift Aviation Group, Inc.

Swift Aviation Group is a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides a wide array of aviation services. The company is a fixed-base operator (FBO) with a private, luxury terminal at Sky Harbor International Airport, which includes two 40,000-square-foot (3,716-square- meter) hangars for maintenance and storage. Additionally, Swift Aviation Group operates a charter airline under the name Swift Air, LLC. Swift Aviation Group also includes an aircraft management division designed for aircraft owners to gain increased value for their investment. For more information, visit​.

About Embraer in executive aviation

Less than one year after announcing it was entering the executive jets market, Embraer celebrated the maiden flight of its first product, the Legacy 600, in 2001. The jet’s success since going into service, in 2002, plus the launch of new products and strengthened customer services, reinforced the Company’s commitment to become a major player in this segment.

Embraer’s experience in designing airplanes for high-use scenarios gives its executive jets features that are unique to the market, providing customers with the peace of mind and availability offered by an extensive portfolio and their simplified maintenance. The entry level Phenom 100, light Phenom 300, midlight Legacy 450, midsize Legacy 500, super midsize Legacy 600, large Legacy 650, and ultra-large Lineage 1000 jets are positioned at the top of their respective classes, offering superior space and comfort, excellent performance and low operating costs. Meeting customer needs is the focus of the design of Embraer’s executive jets, which enjoy great acceptance, worldwide.

About Embraer’s Phenom 100 executive jet

Premium comfort, outstanding performance and low operating costs are key design drivers of the Phenom 100 best-in-class jet. The aircraft offers pilots and passengers unprecedented comfort and style in its category. Developed in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the innovative interior design and relaxing ambience are enhanced by large windows and the most ample cabin in its class.

The pilot-friendly cockpit and docile flying qualities of the new aircraft enable single-pilot operation. Drawing on Embraer’s engineering experience, the Phenom 100 was designed for high utilization and availability. For added safety and reliability, the jet offers a standard antiskid brake-by-wire system.

The Phenom 100 was introduced by Embraer, in 2005, and is the most comfortable business jet in the entry level category, accommodating four passengers in the club seat configuration. The rear baggage compartment has a capacity of 53 cubic feet (1,501 liters), which is sufficient for transporting golf and ski bags and equipment. Additional storage space in the aircraft nose and interior wardrobes adds up to another 16 cubic feet (453 liters), totaling 71 cubic feet (2,010 liters) throughout the jet.

Based on Garmin’s all-glass, fully-integrated avionics suite, the Prodigy® flight deck offers Phenom jet operators more advantages than any other avionics suite on today’s market. The cockpit features three interchangeable 12-inch displays – two Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and one Multi-Function Display (MFD). The system integrates all primary flight, navigation, communication, terrain, traffic, weather, engine instrumentation, and crew-alert data, and presents the composite information on these three brilliant, sunlight-readable color high-definition screens.

Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F-E engines power the jet, with 1,695 pounds of thrust each. Its range with four occupants is 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 kilometers or 1,356 miles) with NBAA IFR reserves (35 minutes of holding and 100 nautical mile alternate). The aircraft is capable of flying at 41,000 feet (12,497 meters), attained by a direct climb, even when fully loaded. In addition, the Phenom 100 is designed to perform short-field takeoffs or landings and to fly at a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.70, or 390 knots (True Air Speed – TAS). These characteristics allow customers to fly nonstop from New York to Miami, in the U.S.; from London to Rome, in Europe; or from Brisbane to Melbourne, in Australia.

The Phenom 100 is priced at USD 3.91 million, based on 2011 economic conditions. The jet received the IF Award, in Germany, as the best product, in 2006, and the best interior, in 2007, as well as the Good Design Award, in China, for the best project, in 2006. In May 2008, the editors of Robb Report magazine, in the U.S., voted the Phenom 100 the “Best of the Best Business Jet”.

Note to Editors

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