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Embraer Executive Jets Flies Third Legacy 500 Prototype

São José dos Campos, Brazil, March 22, 2013 – The third prototype of the break-through, midsize Legacy 500 business jet made its maiden flight, Embraer Executive Jets announced today.

“With the first two prototypes already well into the flight test program, the first flight of the third Legacy 500 is a major milestone for the program,” said Ernest Edwards, President, Embraer Executive Jets. “The four-aircraft test program is designed to ensure all systems and features on the Legacy 500 reach maturity before entering service. The first and second prototypes already have logged 122 hours on 66 flights with testing proceeding as anticipated.”

After being rolled out on February 25, the Legacy 500 SN 003 is being used to test avionics, noise, electrical systems and the interior. Testing the interior to ensure a smooth EIS is key to the success of the program because it allows the company to test for failures and address problems before service entry, confirming the Company’s dedication to delivering an unmatched customer experience. 

To that end, Embraer Executive Jets took the unusual step of producing an interior rig using an actual metallic fuselage equipped with the complete interior. The goal is to gain maturity in terms of assembly and to take managers and engineers on virtual flights between two and six hours to test comfort, reliability and durability. The interiors rig underwent rigorous testing of the seats, the galley as well as the lavatory. The company also had test results validated by outside labs.

The maturity campaign included more than 13,000 hours on the Legacy 500 Iron Bird since it entered service in 2010. The Iron Bird is used to test and re-test the aircraft at each development phase and integrates all systems including air management, avionics, power plant, electrical systems, flight controls, specific fly-by-wire control law tests, synoptics and CAS messages tests as well as failure mode case analysis tests.

In addition, during the maturity campaign each of the prototypes will have all maintenance reports uploaded into the Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnosis (AHEAD) system which collects maintenance data for more efficient, thorough and easier maintenance planning. The computational, web-based maintenance platform is designed to ensure maximum readiness by limiting down time. Once in service with customers, AHEAD accelerates fault identification, allowing maintenance technicians to plan troubleshooting responses while the aircraft is still in flight.

The Legacy 500 is expected to have the same disruptive influence on business aviation as that experienced when GPS changed navigation. The Legacy 500 is the recipient of numerous international design and innovation awards. It is the first midsize jet with full fly-by-wire technology for complete envelope protection and improved comfort, efficiency and safety. The Legacy 500 is the first midsize jet with a six-foot, stand-up cabin, offering the best cabin volume in the class. It is the only midsize jet with a wet galley. It offers the best high-speed cruise and the best cabin pressurization at 6,000 feet to ease jet lag.

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