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São José dos Campos, August 12, 2009 – Embraer hosts its first Legacy 600 Operators Conference in Brazil, today, at São Paulo’s Hotel Sofitel, near Congonhas Airport. This meeting is an important moment for strengthening the Company’s relationship with its customers, and a unique opportunity for them to exchange experiences and ideas.

We are excited about holding this event with customers for the first time in Brazil,” said Luis Carlos Matsumoto Huttenlocher, Embraer Customer Support and Services Manager for Latin America – Executive Jets. “Embraer is committed to hearing what its customers have to say, to seeking solutions for continuous improvement, and to giving them the best support. It is a great opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas, and network.

With the growth of the Legacy 600 fleet in Brazil, Embraer feels it is important to promote a specific event for the region. The agenda deals with subjects of interest to operators, such as improvements on Embraer’s service, support and products, the service center network coverage, material and logistical support, and special maintenance programs, such as the Embraer Executive Care (EEC).

During this time of economic challenge, Embraer reaffirms its commitment to maintain face-to- face meetings with customers. This is when unity, trust, transparency, and the exchange of experiences provide significant elements for a solid process of continuous improvement.

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Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A. - NYSE: ERJ; Bovespa: EMBR3) is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats, and one of Brazil’s leading exporters. Embraer’s headquarters are located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, and it has offices, industrial operations and customer service facilities in Brazil, the United States, France, Portugal, China and Singapore. Founded in 1969, the Company designs, develops, manufactures and sells aircraft for the commercial aviation, executive aviation, and defense segments. The Company also provides after sales support and services to customers worldwide. On June 30, 2009, Embraer had a workforce of 17,237 employees – not counting the employees of its subsidiaries OGMA and HEAI – and its firm order backlog totaled US$ 19.8 billion.

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