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October 25, 2014

Embraer's Customer Support Experience

​Friday, 24 October 2014

Sapporo – Tokyo (some thoughts)

Such a long flight to Tokyo through Sapporo required a high dosage of concentration! We had to use all of the onboard technology to deal with the quick changes in arrival procedures, approaches, and runway assignments! I have spent many years flying, but the absolute need for technology in the cockpit has never been more obvious to me than it is today. Without all of this at our fingertips in such complex air spaces, we would be far behind the curve.

During our flight across the ocean, we had emailed the Contact Center using our Global Internet system. We mentioned that we had a galley food preparation table that would not operate quite correctly, and a refrigerator that was not cooling as much as we'd like. Our expectation was just to provide notification to the Contact Center so that we could have these items rectified when we returned to our base in Orlando, Florida. How surprised were we when Embraer had already made plans to resolve these minor issues upon our arrival to Singapore! Now THAT'S true customer support at the highest level!

Whenever I provide consulting services to future aircraft buyers who are either purchasing their first aircraft or right-sizing their fleet, I apply a "Global Excellence" approach to the process. To me, this means emphasizing the importance of long-term relationships when selecting a product, or brand. Twice today, we witnessed examples of the long-term investment that Embraer has in its products and its people. Around the world, Embraer proves itself time again as an OEM, a Partner, and a friend. Our relationship with the men and women of Embraer solidly confirm the confidence we have in our purchase.

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