Rethink Convention

October 30, 2014

Always at home in Singapore

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Those of us traveling aboard our Legacy 650 have been settled into yet another hotel since Tuesday. We will spend a bit more time here before departing on Friday - Singapore is one of our most relaxing stops. It has been nice to see some new sights, although the view in the cockpit is never unpleasant. Tomorrow we will spend some time with our supporters at Embraer's office in Singapore. I always enjoy meeting with people who have been helping us from a distance. The fact that we are always welcomed as friends is a quality that remains constant throughout all of our Embraer encounters.

The hotels we stay in are nice, as you can imagine. Picture us walking through a cavernous reception lobby, being welcomed by a desk full of smiling hotel staff. The staggering number of reward points that a pilot carries with him typically warrants V.I.P. status among the Property Managers, so we are treated very well. Still, the Legacy really feels like the closest thing to "home" that we can find on a journey like this. Having the flexibility to live on your own schedule is rare, especially in the sky, but our aircraft never limits the way that our principals live their busy lives.

For example, our team prepares for every flight by planning a thematic value to add to the experience, no matter how short the flight may be. Everything from catering to decorations is tailored to that theme, whether it relates to destinations, seasons, or just an idea that we decided to explore.  Once the theme is chosen, we are constantly amazed to watch Sim, our In-Flight Concierge pull decorations out of storage and set the stage.  Somehow, we have been flying around the world with a selection of menus and decor that Martha Stewart would be proud of! All of this intimate festivity is greatly appreciated by our passengers.

Privacy can be a scarcity when traveling, even flying in first class, or staying in the most luxurious of hotels (some of which are located right here in Singapore, by the way!). One of the advantages on the Legacy 650 is the ability to close the galley's pocket doors, giving our passengers complete privacy. Behind these beautiful closed doors, we prepare meals discreetly, utilize the Crew bathroom... we even use this area to simply stretch and talk, never interfering with the passengers' flight experience.  With a hand picked crew and an aircraft that delivers an unbelievably quiet passenger experience, our principals are assured that their private matters and business enterprises will remain private.