Rethink Convention

November 4, 2014

Humble reflections

​Although he typically uses his aircraft for business and pleasure trips, our principal's high level of commitment to philanthropy demands an aircraft fully capable of sustaining his charitable missions. He and his wife are widely recognized as active humanitarians, providing aid and relief to multiple organizations around the world. In our home country of the United States, we have visited numerous children's hospitals, and esteemed universities, admiring our employer and his family for selflessly offering their time and resources to help improve the lives of our nation's young people. Overseas, similar acts of inspiration occur regularly. With our Legacy 650, our principal and his wife are able to visit places where their generosity is most needed. They meet the people who maintain these charitable organizations, and those who depend daily on the kindness of others. The connections that are formed during these visits are invaluable, and the warmth and humanity that we witness is tangible. These meaningful relationships are the result of, and the driver for, our principal's continued benevolence, at home and abroad.

Like our company, Embraer has taken a proactive approach to building and fostering a sustainable future, worldwide. For example, the company's high school program in São Jose dos Campos prepares students for an evolving, world-wide society at no cost to their families. Embraer doesn't just provide aircraft support to our endeavors; they encourage the ideals and values that we share in everything they do. Synergetic views like this are very important to us. These shared beliefs bring people closer together in a world that seems to grow smaller every day.

We depart Thailand shortly, knowing that we will be back again shortly to follow up on the charitable opportunity we came to investigate. A final THANK YOU to those we met during our visit. We can only hope to reciprocate your unrelenting hospitality one day soon.