Rethink Convention

November 5, 2014

The Emirates Experience

​Today we departed Bangkok for Dubai.  Our carefully planned route had us flying at 40,000 feet over the Bay of Bengal in India, and then over the Arabian Sea before descending toward this amazing destination, where we will spend the next few days of our lives.

There really is no place like Dubai. Its people have combined the classics of Middle Eastern culture with modern life and luxury to create a unique charm that can only be found here. With London, Hong Kong, and Moscow located nearby at almost equal distances, it's no wonder that Dubai is a magnet for successful businesses and discerning travelers. This is a city of worldly enterprise, lavish retreats, and tremendous achievements in architectural and engineering innovation.

I love to visit the Emirates, and Dubai is certainly one of my favorites because its existence validates my love for corporate aviation in a way that no other place does. Dubai requires-... no, wait-... Dubai clamors for private executive travel to connect this regional gem to the rest of the world. For that, this city has conquered my heart. 

Just like my daughter says...

Dubai. Enough said.