Rethink Convention

November 8, 2014

Hello from London

​Our flight plan from Dubai to London reflected a flight time of just under eight hours, covering Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the Black Sea, and the entire continent of Europe. We arrived late last night and, as fellow aeronauts can relate, my entire being was fatigued, as if I had run the whole route! Planning these complex multi-nation flights requires arduous mental processing, tedious calculations, special permissions and logistics… it’s enough to cry “vertigo”!

Now, as I sit in the enchanting chamber of our London hotel, many images from our latest adventures run through my mind. Did I mention that I was asked to do an interview with Forbes?! It was my very first media interview, and a welcome opportunity to talk about my passionate focus on the philosophy of Global Excellence.

Today’s world often ignores the indifference to detail that has spread to so many people. I am one who is not afraid to take ownership. As Manager of Aviation at our company, I am willingly and fully responsible for the quality of our passengers’ flight experiences. My aim is to excel at providing my customers with the highest level of services, from cleanliness and timeliness, to the anticipation of every whim. This is one of the reasons that I work with Embraer – the practice of Global Excellence is reflected in our every interaction with them.

Speaking of which, “Muito obrigado!” to LES and KEITH, two more representatives of Embraer’s outstanding support team. Thank you for burning both ends of the night with us!

On Monday we cross the Atlantic one more time. After we clear customs in Maine, we will bring a few of our passengers to New York before finally returning to our own families in Orlando. I can’t wait to see my best friend – my wife, Robyn. She is the driving force in my life and an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She is the mother and full-time educator of our three children, who have blossomed as individuals over the past decade.

Lucca, six years old, is not just a MineCraft expert; he is also one of the most highly recognized veterinarians in the stuffed animal community. Noah, my protégé, is nine years old and has already made science and flight tracking two of his favorite hobbies. And, Chloe, my teenager, is going to conquer the growing world of website development before she graduates, I just know it. I encourage all them to live like me, like Peter Pan – to seek new adventures with youthful spirit, always with “happy thoughts” in mind. For me, my “happy thought” is the promise of the biggest, tightest, five-headed hug of my life, and that thought will carry me home. My family is, after all, the real reason I can fly.