Rethink Convention

October 21, 2014

A few thoughts before departure

​Stepping onto foreign land is humbling. Every time. My own importance is tossed out of the spotlight, and into perspective, as reality illustrates how infinitesimal each of us truly is. Nothing in these foreign places is mine except a bag and its contents. The air we breathe, the waters we’ve crossed… even the sky that seems to be our only companion in flight – none of it belongs to us. We share this world with so many people, so many cultures, and each time we land, the tremendous range of diversity leaves me feeling momentarily lost. I am forced to abandon all that is familiar to me, to constantly remind myself that this place was not designed for me, but for its people. This discomfort is the greatest gift, in my opinion. It allows me to approach everything with humility, as if for the first time. On our journeys, we take nothing for granted. 

The life of a pilot is blessed, and brutal. We have studied for years, trained and re-trained, pored over countless charts and forms, and sacrificed terrestrial comforts, all for the sake of airborne freedom. We touch the skies, reaching heights that some people will only ever dream about. We are aviators. We see the world in a different way. Today we have begun our epic journey around the world and we invite you to see it with us.